Why UK Not Other Countries For Study?

It is very natural for someone to get asked this question: why UK not other countries for study, while deciding upon the international destination for further studies? Well.. why not the UK? The UK’s excellent educational infrastructure, quality research, rich heritage, top-notch teaching methodology, and diverse culture make it an outstanding place to study.

The United Kingdom is a world leader in several fields of education, including science, art, engineering, design, law, finance, and business management. Every year, thousands of international students enroll in programs ranging from Engineering to English language classes to PhDs. One of the key benefits of studying in UK for Indian students or other international students is that the education system in the United Kingdom is well-known and allows you to mix courses from diverse fields of study, allowing you to tailor your degree to your specific interests.

But are these reasons enough to justify why UK why not other country for studying? If you’re wondering the same, then read on as in this article, we discuss the top reasons as to why UK not other countries for study can be the best option.

Why UK Not Other Countries For Study

For years, the United Kingdom has welcomed overseas students. The country understands how to treat international students and make them feel at ease. Furthermore, the UK is known for having world-class universities that provide courses in a range of topic areas.

Every student in the UK is treated well and appreciated. As an international student at a UK university, you will get all the required help, not only for improving your English language abilities to become acquainted with the new culture but also for academics and research. Still wondering why not other countries than UK, then listed below are some of the primary arguments for choosing the UK for higher education above any other English-speaking country in the globe

Why UK Not Other Countries For Study Reason #1: First-Rated Education

Degrees from UK universities and educational institutes are highly sought after around the world, and there is a plethora of available courses. In the future, a degree from any British university will look fantastic on a CV. A qualification from the United Kingdom will be a terrific selling point in any business or location.

British higher education institutions are acknowledged around the globe for their challenging and ingenious environments that encourage students to realize their full potential. Their expertise in a wide range of academic disciplines, and their consistently high rankings in international university rankings are sufficient to convince anyone who may wonder why not other countries than UK.

For several years now, the British higher education system has served as the benchmark for higher education standards around the globe, with groundbreaking teaching approaches and pioneering facilities.

Why UK Not Other Countries For Study Reason #2: Eminent Universities

The academic norms at UK universities are topmost the world over. The widely recognized academic prowess of the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge is one of the first things that springs to mind when someone asks why UK why not other country for studies.

According to the QS World University Ranking 2023, the UK is home to 89 of the world’s 1300 universities, indicating the quality of education in the country. Aside from this, there are several other colleges in the UK that can assist you in obtaining a high-quality education.

why uk not other countries for study

Why UK Not Other Countries For Study Reason #3: Affordable Education For International Students

The expense of quality education is something that always comes to mind when you are deciding why study in UK not in India or any other country that you may be from.

This brings us to another significant advantage of studying in the United Kingdom which is the low cost of a university education. This is because obtaining a degree in the United Kingdom takes less time than in other nations. As a result, you pay less in tuition.

In the United Kingdom, an undergraduate degree takes three years to complete while a postgraduate degree takes one year. In most other nations, an undergraduate degree takes at least four years and a postgraduate degree takes two or three years.

Whatever program you select, you can be confident in your decision of why UK not India for study, as you will receive a high-quality education because most UK universities and colleges provide high-quality education at a reasonable cost. For seamless money transfer for your tuition fees and other expenses, you can use Remigos Money Transfer service. We provide paperless money transfers with transparent pricing.

Why UK Not Other Countries For Study Reason #4: Research Excellence

Another justification for why UK why not other country is the country’s pinnacle research infrastructure. The United Kingdom is a world leader in producing high-quality scientific research. The Research Excellence Framework classifies 30% of UK university research as “world-leading,” and 46% as “internationally good” (REF).

Universities in the United Kingdom are known for their cutting-edge infrastructure and resources, which allow students to perform vital and life-changing research in a variety of subjects ranging from biological sciences to social sciences. Pursuing research-based degrees is one of the top reasons for international students to study in the UK.

Why UK Not Other Countries For Study Reason #5: International Students Organizations

As an Indian student, if you are conflicted about why study in UK not in India, you should know that every year, the UK government enthusiastically welcomes thousands of international students.

Universities in the United Kingdom have international student organizations where your concerns can be addressed. To begin, depending on your needs, societies, and groups at your university, college, or conservatoire will have people you may speak with. This could include your academic and personal instructor, the student support group, the welfare team, and your students’ organization, among others.

Societies and clubs at university are a diverse group of institutions and individuals ranging from sports teams to hobby organizations to political and liberation movements, and these societies also aid students. One of the major benefits of studying in UK for Indian students is that the International student clubs, in addition to organizing parties, events, activities, and outings, also assist you in difficult times by guiding you on personal concerns and assisting your transition into the UK. And if you feel the need to connect with your family during such moments then a UK sim card by Remigos will come in handy. We provide you with perfect plans for all your calling & data needs.

why uk not other countries for study

Why UK Not Other Countries For Study Reason #6: Scholarships & Better Future Job Prospects

The next one of the benefits of studying in UK for Indian students is to gain a better job. Many companies have offices outside of India, giving you the possibility to work there when you graduate. Universities in the United Kingdom employ a mix of theoretical and practical teaching approaches. Your education, experience, and exposure to the business world provide you with a competitive advantage that displays your capacity to function in any situation anywhere in the world.

Also, it is widely assumed why UK not India for study as studying in the United Kingdom will be more expensive than studying in India. But that’s not quite correct. The United Kingdom is the place to go if you want a good education. Added advantage of studying abroad is that you may be able to obtain scholarships or grants to help fund your studies from various government or commercial organizations.

Why UK Not Other Countries For Study Reason #7: Multicultural Diverseness

The unique cultural amalgamation of the UK surely suffices the question of why not other countries than UK. Around 14% of the population in the United Kingdom is foreign-born. International students that move to the UK have the opportunity to learn about diverse cultures. This is one of the primary reasons why students choose to study in the United Kingdom.

International students are fascinated by meeting people from diverse cultures and learning about them. Understanding other cultures does not imply that you will lose touch with your own. Furthermore, by meeting new people and creating new acquaintances, you will be able to keep strong ties to your own culture. This country has a diverse range of languages, religions, cuisines, world-famous festivals, and other attractions making it one of the top benefits of studying in UK for Indian students as well as of other nationalities

Why UK Not Other Countries For Study Reason #8: Healthcare Access

The healthcare system of the United Kingdom is among the greatest in the world. The World Health Organization ranks it as the fifth finest healthcare system in the world (WHO). The NHS (National Health Service) is the United Kingdom’s publicly funded healthcare system. Because it is a universal healthcare system, everyone, regardless of nationality, has access to it, which is yet another reason why UK why not other country. All you need is health insurance, which is quite reasonable. You can also have Remigos student insurance in the UK which provides you with medical coverage and several other benefits.

To be eligible for these benefits, students must pay an extra Immigration Health Surcharge in addition to the student visa price. Comparatively speaking, in Australia, OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover), a sort of health insurance, is mandatory for international students, in Canada, the healthcare system for overseas students differs from province to province. Furthermore, the American healthcare system is among the most expensive in the world and does not even give universal coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions

As an Indian national why study in UK not in India?

Universities in the United Kingdom provide a variety of distinct courses that students can enroll in to advance their careers. In comparison to India, UK institutions offer many more distinct programs to their students. The range of subjects in the UK is simply due to the university’s larger budget as compared to a university in India, making it yet other key benefits of studying in UK for Indian students.

How is the UK education system better than India or other countries?

Much as in India, in the UK, education is divided into three levels: primary, secondary, and tertiary. Also, the duration of courses provided in both nations is nearly the same. However, In terms of university infrastructure or facilities, the United Kingdom outperforms India. The majority of them include cutting-edge infrastructure and first-rate amenities such as computer laboratories, sports facilities, and libraries clearly justifying why UK not India for study may be a better option. The teachers are experts who are well-known in their industries for their knowledge and skill.

What are the necessary requirements for studying in the United Kingdom?

Ans. To study in the United Kingdom as an international student, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. IELTS – English language competence test.
  2. Financial assistance
  3. Requirements for Admission
  4. Visa
  5. Health-care coverage
  6. Recommendation letter (LOR)
  7. Statement of purpose (SOP)

Is it more expensive to study in the United Kingdom or India?

In comparison to India, studying in the UK is significantly expensive. Fortunately, there are various scholarships available through institutions that will assist you in covering your expenses, from tuition to living expenses. You can also get temporary employment in the UK to assist you to pay for the expenses.


Thousands of students from around the world over, throng several universities in the United Kingdom each year. Unsurprisingly, a large proportion of the students who come to the United Kingdom from overseas, come from India. Although India has no shortage of institutions or colleges offering world-class courses in a variety of areas, studying in a country such as the United Kingdom is an unparalleled experience.

For Indian students, studying in the UK opens them to a whole new universe of options that they would not have had in their native country. Around 5000 miles away, they will encounter a new culture, a new location, and fresh opportunities and experiences. We hope that after reading some of the advantages that students from India can gain by studying in the United Kingdom, you have enough reason to justify why UK not other countries for study.


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