Fastest Ways to Transfer Money in UK?

This is the world where everything takes place in a snap. Getting your favorite food delivered in a few minutes, or talking to your friend, everything takes place in no time. Not just this, you can get your money transferred to the UK in no time as well, with a partner like Remigos. Remigos is a reliable source for transferring money and is also fast. 

Now when it comes to fastest ways to transfer money l, here are the choices for you: 

  • Remigos: Remigos is known for its hassle-free payments and is both reasonable and trustworthy. The finest platform for money transfer from India to UK is this one. They complete your money transfers in less than six hours and offer a variety of extra services, such as assisting with private insurances and bank account setup in the UK.
  • Transferwise: TransferWise is a free internet service that enables you to send money abroad. Although they charge a little fee for their assistance, the exchange rates they offer are typically substantially lower than those offered by conventional banks, and the payment is made in just a few days. 
  • Venmo is a well-known app for sending money overseas. Only available in the US, although you can link your PayPal account to utilize it for transfers abroad. It takes about 2 days to make your money transfer with Venmo. 
  • PayPal: PayPal is an additional option for sending money overseas quickly, they have a fee, but it’s typically lower than what you’d spend at a bank, also it is quicker than most banks. 
  • Western Union: Western Union is a well-known business that offers services for sending money abroad. They have a broad geographic reach and provide favorable exchange rates in very less time.

Now to make your job easier, I’m here giving you the steps to follow to make money transfer from India to UK using Remigos: 

  1. You must first register for a Google, Facebook, Apple, or email address-based account on their website or mobile app.
  2. Using your PAN card, passport, visa, and letter from the college awarding you admission, you must verify your identity in the following stage.
  3. The recipient’s banking bank details and the explanation for the payment then need to be provided.
  4. The recipient in the UK will receive the funds immediately after the last step, which is to pay the money through a bank transfer.

You can send money from India to UK faster by following these simple steps in no time.



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