Money Transfer from India to Europe

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Pay your tuition fees

Pay your university fees easily from your Indian bank account

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Send money to an International Bank

Send money to an International Bank

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Settle your Rent

Now pay rent to your landlord directly from your account in India

Why Choose Remigos for International Money Transfer?

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Save Money With Best Rates

Get 5X superior rates than the market and save money.

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No Paperwork, Fully Digital

No need to print out forms or visit banks

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Super Fast Transfer

Whether you are sending $100 or $50,000, get in in just 24 hours.

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No Hidden Fees

No more gimmicks or getting fooled by banks. Pay what you see.

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100% Safe and Secure

Trusted by 1000s. Regulated by RBI. Guaranteed by us.

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Hassle-Free Transaction

Super easy to use platform and 24*7 customers support available.

Now Send Money From India to UK From Your Smartphone!


Register in minutes

Sign up online, or on our app with an email address.

Verify your Identity

We’d just need your PAN card, Passport, Visa and College offer letter to verify your identity.

Transfer Money

Fill in the details of your recipient’s bank account and pay using bank transfer.

Track your Transfer

Easily track your transfer on our support. Get real-time updates Whatsapp.

Enjoy Safe and secure Money Transfer with Remigos

RBI Regulated

We are RBI regulated and supported by SBM bank to provide safe and secure money transfer services.

Audited Regularly

Your money is safe with us. We are regularly audited by RBI to safeguard your money.

Covered in Media

It's great to get recognized by London Business School, Indian Startup News and many more for the amazing work we are doing.

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Extra-Secure Transactions

At Remigos, no one ever touches your money. You pay it directly to bank and its on the way to its destination.

Data Protection

Your personal data is always encrypted. We are transparent in how we collect and use your information to maintain complete privacy.

Trusted by Indians

Our international money transfer service is used and trusted by 1000s of Indians across the world.

Get The Best International Money Transfer Online Rates with Remigos

You Send


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Recipient gets


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1GBP = 95.39 INR

mid-market rate (as on 20th June 2020)

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Exchange Rate


Transfer Fee


Recipient Gets


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Exchange Rate


Transfer Fee


Recipient Gets


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Exchange Rate


Transfer Fee


Recipient Gets



Money Transfer From India To Europe – Quick, Easy And Inexpensive With Remigos!

  • Fully Digital Money Transfer Process
  • Super-Fast Transfers within 24 Business Hours
  • Money Transfer to Europe at the Lowest Rates 
  • Save On Exchange Rates and Transfer Fees
  • No Hidden Charges – Transparent Pricing
  • Unbeatable Safety and Security
  • Compare Rates with Currency Converter Tool

Money Transfer to Europe Made Easier with Remigos

Europe comprises 26 nations renowned for their stunning landscapes, architecture and education. Many individuals from India pursue their studies in Europe, leading to a significant outflow of funds from India to Europe. Unfortunately, transferring money from India to Europe often involves paying excessive fees resulting in costly international transfers. Fortunately, with the emergence of Remigos, money transfer to Europe is now more convenient, faster, and more affordable.

Want to make a money transfer from India to Europe? Remigos make the process quick and painless! Our fully online remittance process makes sending international remittances easy from the convenience of your own home without ever needing to visit the bank!

Remigos is a secure foreign outward remittance platform for a speedy and low-cost money transfer from India to Europe and many other foreign destinations for Indian students. We make sending money from India to Europe a breeze using our robust online platform. 

We stand out from most banks by not charging an exchange rate markup when making transfers; rather, we offer competitive rates without any hidden fees. Also, we have a solid track record and operate within all regulatory guidelines.

So, if you are tired of standing in long queues at banks or paying huge money transfer fees every time you make a money transfer from India to Europe, try Remigos. We not only offer convenience but also charge way less than banks and other providers. What’s more? We ensure speedy transfers within 24 hours with complete safety and security. 

Don’t believe us?

Register Now to Experience the Magic of Remigos!

The Advantages of Choosing Remigos for Your Money Transfer Needs

  • Quickest Transfer Processing Time

With our lightning-fast transfer process and partner banks’ swift acknowledgements of transactions completed within 24 hours, Remigos ensures a fast transaction experience for every one of its customers. We process money transfer to Europe on time so that funds can reach their destination as quickly as possible.

  • Fully Digital Remittance Process

Remigos makes money transfer to Europe easy and seamless, whether it be for tuition fees or maintenance money for students. We provide a secure online platform that you can access with your smartphone to make international transfers anytime in a jiffy. 

  • Zero Hidden Charges

Remigos provides customers with an economical method to transfer money overseas. Utilizing our platform, you can enjoy money transfer from India to Europe at the best exchange rate without incurring markups or hidden charges.

  • Multi-Country Transfers

With Remigos, you can not only enjoy money transfer to Europe but also other international destinations as well. We provide a multi-country money transfer service. You can now send money from India to UK, US, Canada, Singapore, Germany, New Zealand and Australia as well. 

  • Competitive Exchange Rates

Remigos provides live and transparent exchange rates for money transfer to Europe that are displayed around the clock so that it’s easy for you to view current currency rates before making a transfer. Our exchange rates are 5x cheaper than the market to help you save your hard-earned money. 

  • Minimum Transfer Fees

Remigos offers one of the lowest minimum transfer fees among banks and forex vendors, saving both money and time when sending large sums abroad. We don’t charge any margin and offer money transfer from India to Europe at the best price possible. 

  • 100% Safe and Secure

Remigos provides a 100% safe and secure environment for money transfer to Europe, offering one of the safest online remittance processes in India and taking multiple precautionary steps (KYC, encryption, secure connection, 2-factor authentication) to keep your money secure.

  • Currency Conversion Calculator

At Remigos, we provide a currency conversion calculator on our website that makes converting Indian Rupees to other major currency pairs such as USD, GBP, EUR, AUD and CAD easy and straightforward. With this tool, you can keep up-to-date with global currency rates as well as compare them to ensure you receive the best rates. 

Money Transfer from India to Europe with Remigos – 5 Steps in 5 Minutes

  • Step 1: Register for Free

To get started with Remigos money transfer, you need to visit our online website and click on the Register option given on the homepage to create your account. We only need your name, contact number and email id for registration. 

  • Step 2: KYC Verification

Once your account is ready, you need to complete the KYC verification by scanning and submitting a copy of a few documents, i.e. passport, visa, PAN card, and college offer letter. 

  • Step 3: Add Beneficiary Details

On successful verification of KYC, you can enjoy money transfer from India to Europe or any other country. All you need to do is log in, access the money transfer option and add beneficiary details, i.e. name, address, bank name, account number, Swift code, IBAN code, etc. 

  • Step 4: Enter Your Bank Details

Now, in order to complete the money transfer to Europe, you need to enter your bank details from which you want the money to be debited. Enter all the required details to make the transfer. 

  • Step 5: Pay For Your Transfer
Now, enter the amount and pay for the transfer. The amount will be debited from your account and will be processed to be credited to the beneficiary’s account. The money transfer to Europe may take up to 24 hours to complete. In the meantime, you can track it online or opt to get updates on Whatsapp.

Frequently asked questions

Well, firstly, Remigos offers a fully digital money transfer process, i.e. you can send money directly from your smartphone with our online platform. Secondly, we offer super-fast money transfer to Europe, i.e. the recipient will receive the money within 24 business hours. Thirdly, our services are as secure as your trusted bank. Lastly, we offer better exchange rates and charge a low fee compared to banks for money transfer from India to Europe. What more can you ask for?

One of the easiest and quickest ways for money transfer from India to Europe is through Remigos. You can enjoy cheaper transfers with complete safety and security on our platform. In just 4 simple steps, you can transfer funds from one country to another, all from the comfort of your home.

  • Step 1: Visit Remigos Website and Register Your Account
  • Step 2: Complete One-Time KYC to Verify Your Identity
  • Step 3: Enter Beneficiary and Your Bank Details
  • Step 4: Pay for the Transfer and Track It Online

Remigos already offer money transfer to Europe at discounted rates so that customers don’t have to constantly search for offers. Compared to other service providers, our exchange rates are competitive, and we don’t add any markup. Apart from that, we also don’t hike the transfer fee, and the best thing is that there are zero hidden charges. To prove it all, you can check your money transfer page and access the currency conversion tool to compare prices with other service providers.

Yes, money transfer from India to Europe is 100% safe through Remigos. We only rely on trusted and authorized banks in India to process remittances. At Remigos, all our online transactions are processed securely over an HTTPS connection and protected by the strongest encryption methods available. We also carefully monitor each order and provide regular updates on its progress.

You can send money to Europe through Remigos for the following purposes,

  • Studies Abroad
  • Paying Tuition Fees
  • Paying Rent
  • Paying for Other Living Expenses

If you need to send large sums of money to Europe from India quickly and safely, Remigos offers an easy and secure platform that takes only minutes to register with and initiate transfers. Plus, we offer better exchange rates than other providers for money transfer to Europe without any hidden charges.

Yes, the PAN (Permanent Account Number) number is mandatory for money transfer to Europe. To use Remigos money transfer service, you need to complete a one-time KYC by submitting a copy of a few key documents, including your PAN Card.

Remigos offers one of the cheapest ways for money transfer to Europe. We offer 5x cheaper exchange rates than the market and charge only a fraction of transfer free compared to other remittance providers. Also, we follow transparent pricing without any hidden charges. So, if you are tired of paying huge money transfer charges every time you make a transfer, switch to Remigos. 

For money transfer from India to Europe using the Remigos platform, you need to scan and submit only a few documents, like,

  • Passport 
  • PAN Card 
  • Visa 
  • College Offer Letter

You can submit these documents on our online platform from the comfort of your home.

Here are the beneficiary details you need to send money to Europe from India through Remigos:

  • Beneficiary Name and Address
  • Beneficiary Bank Name
  • Beneficiary Account Number
  • Swift Code and IBAN Code
  • Purpose of Transfer

Under the LRS Policy, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has set an upper limit of USD 2,50,000 or its equivalent annually for money transfer to Europe or any other country.

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