Top 10 Highly Paid Jobs in UK in 2023

The United Kingdom is a country with tremendous career opportunities and growth for those who want to build a profession here. Thanks to the recent announcement of the Graduate Route Visa, students can now easily discover and work at these highly paid jobs in UK, for two years.

There are many highly paid jobs in UK, for international students to look into, from placement opportunities to regular employment searches. Although, while looking for most paid jobs in UK, you may be bombarded with questions such as, ‘do I have an interest in the chosen field?’, ‘Is the job that I have chosen among the highly paid jobs in UK?’, or ‘whether the job has excellent growth opportunities or not?’

All of these potential questions can help make your job selection process go smoothly and easily. Therefore, if you’re searching for the most paid jobs in UK or wondering how to begin your profession, this blog has all the necessary information.

Highly Paid Jobs In UK

After graduating from a university in the UK, you have a variety of options at your disposal for the highest paying jobs UK with degree. Depending on how well you perform in college and have the necessary skills, getting hired by your ideal business will become simpler.

The highest salary jobs UK are probably not a surprise: chief executive and senior-level positions. Doctors, chief teachers, marketing, sales, and advertising directors, as well as airline pilots, round out the top 10 highest paying jobs UK.

However, it is very challenging to pinpoint the best paid jobs UK positions because there can be significant differences in roles based on your level of expertise, particular companies, and location.

For Instance, as one of the highest paying jobs in London, a teacher, can anticipate receiving a salary of up to £42,624 annually, according to the Department of Education. In the remainder of England and Wales, the same teacher would be paid up to £36,961.

Top 10 Highly Paid Jobs In UK

Here is a table showing the top 10 highest paying jobs UK that you should consider for the year 2023 if you’re looking for the top paid jobs UK or if you want to enroll in a course based on the highest paying jobs UK with degree.


Annual Salary

Chief Executives and Senior Officials


Sales, Marketing and Advertising Directors


Information Technology Directors


Medical Practitioners


Principals and Headteachers


Public Relations and Communications Directors


Financial Managers and Directors


Aircraft Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers


Functional Managers and Directors


Judges and Barristers


highly paid jobs in uk

Highly Paid Jobs In UK: Top Recruiters

Now that you have learned which are the top paid jobs UK, how about we tell you about the top recruiters.

Numerous reputable companies are active in a number of sectors, including banking and medicine offering high paying in demand jobs UK. However, you must select the best from this enormous list, so here are five such top recruiters that are favorites because they provide the high paying jobs in England and the rest of UK.


Average Base Salary/Annum


£ 121,759


£ 108,128

White & Case

£ 107,115


£ 101,066

Google Cloud

£ 99,677

Palantir Technologies


Squarepoint Capital


Bank of America Merill Lynch






highly paid jobs in uk

Highly Paid Jobs In UK: With Degree

For the best paid jobs UK, the top recruiters hire the most qualified candidates, and a college degree is what tops that checklist. However, university degrees are not cheap. A good thing is that many businesses offer lucrative graduate training schemes and graduate positions in order to develop their next crop of leaders.

So, if you want to see an instant return on your university investment, these are the highest paying jobs UK with degree.



Management Consultant


Investment Banker


Trainee Solicitor

£26,500 – £50,000

Graduate Sales Manager Retail

£37,000 – 44,000

Graduate Area Manager


Petroleum Engineer






Clinical Scientist


Software Developer


Keep in mind that the highest salary jobs UK will differ depending on the organization and the location. London probably pays more for graduate jobs than the rest of the UK. So till the time one finds a job, most foreign students require money transfers for their expenses. Try the Remigos money transfer from India to UK service instead if you don’t want to think about direct bank transfers with high exchange rates or paying with a credit card. We offer quick, easy, and convenient money transfers for your study costs.

Highly Paid Jobs In UK: Without Degree

Contrary to what many people think, you can get some of the best paid jobs UK without qualifications. Graduates make one-third less money than those who start their careers right away. In fact, train and tram drivers, are among the highest paying jobs UK without degree.

Although a degree may be beneficial, knowledge and experience are equally valuable in many sectors. Nevertheless, you might have to take classes for career development. Here’s a table depicting the highest paying jobs UK without degree.


Average – Highest Salary/ year

Personal trainer

£28,000 – £60,000

Estate agents

£21,500 – £49,000

Nutrition coach

£26,797 – £44,000

Recruitment consultant

£23,000 – £30,000

Pilates instructors

£25,000 – £52,000


£30,027 – £36,000

Health & wellbeing coach

£20,300 – £25,000

Police officer

£29,310 – £41,000

Marketing executive

£24,141 – £30,000

Computer games tester

£31,090 – £40,000

Now that you have learned so much about the high paying in demand jobs UK, let us move on to the segment where we discuss the highest paid part time jobs in UK. Remember, however, before you leave your home country for finding highly paid jobs in UK, it’s crucial to organize your finances, and Remigos makes this process easier. Your money is not only kept safe and secure abroad with a Remigos bank account but there are also no monthly costs or international wire transfer fees.

Highly Paid Jobs In UK: Part Time

Finding the highest paying part time jobs in UK depends on how well you position yourself. It’s simple if you’re not picky, particularly in a big city. Before deciding to seek full-time top paid jobs UK , a part-time job gives you a great chance to jumpstart your career and gives you a better understanding of the workplace. Thousands of highest paid part time jobs in UK are available, but the compensation ranges widely.

Here’s a list of the highest paying part time jobs in UK to assist people in choosing the ideal position for them:


Average Salary/hour



Maths Teacher


Research Assistant








English Teacher


Teaching Assistant


Brand Ambassador


Network Technician


Remember, that with part-time work, health benefits may not cover all your medical needs. Thus it bodes well for you to have Remigos Student Insurance where you can get coverage up to USD 500K and several other benefits for your health requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions About Highly Paid Jobs In UK

Which are the highest paying IT jobs UK?

The country’s technology sector is booming and offers several of the highest paying IT jobs UK. There are tens of thousands of positions available in the IT sector. Developers can anticipate an average income of between £53,000 and £58,000 per year, while operations engineers and data engineers can anticipate salaries over £60,000 on average.

But senior software engineer is one of the highest paying IT jobs UK, earning the highest average pay in tech in the UK at £63,824, according to data from Indeed.

Are the highest paying jobs in London, difficult to find?

No, it’s not difficult to land some of the highest paying jobs in London. Several very well-established businesses are concentrated in London. To discover their ideal job, students can either apply directly on job portals or use placement opportunities.

Which are the best paid jobs UK without qualifications?

While some people choose to attend university and seek a career in one of its core subjects, there are always other opportunities to best paid jobs UK without qualifications. Without a degree, you can still work in the UK in positions like a personal trainer, pilates teacher, firefighter, health and wellbeing coach, etc.

Why should one seek the highest paying part time jobs in UK?

Finding one of the highest paid part time jobs in UK is a fantastic method to make the most of your time and make money. One of the most notable nations in Europe where part-time employment is common in the UK, and for good cause. Part-time work in the UK can be a lifeline for anyone, resident or not, as you look for more long-term employment.

Which sector provides high paying jobs in England?

Many economically driven sectors in England provide stable, lucrative employment for students. These sectors with high paying jobs in England include banking, insurance, and healthcare.


In the UK, there are countless career options available after graduation or even while you are studying, and the highest salary jobs UK are enough to support your goals. Personal motivations are at the top of our list of top lifetime priorities when choosing a profession, but monetary gains must also be taken into account. It is natural to be curious about which one might be especially profitable for you. Hopefully, reading all this information about the highly paid jobs in UK will prove to be useful in making a choice. Of course, you shouldn’t anticipate starting at the top of the pay scale on day one. But if you want to get there eventually, these professions might be right for you. As a result, you can choose any occupation from the list of highest-paying jobs and begin training to acquire the knowledge and credentials necessary to command a respectable wage.



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