How To Get A Job In UK From India In 2023

Are you thinking of moving to the UK for enhancing your career prospects? Are you wondering how to get a job in UK from India? Where to start from and is the UK the right choice? Then you will be glad to know that, due to its rich culture and plentiful STEM employment, the UK has been one of the top five destinations for Indian immigrants.

With so many appealing job possibilities in the UK, you’ll need assistance finding a position that matches your skills and pays well.

If you want to learn how to find job in UK from India, you have landed in the right place. Buckle up as you are about to learn every aspect of finding a job in the UK and hold on until the very conclusion of this guide!

How To Get A Job In UK From India: UK Job Market

The good news for Indians trying how to get job in London from India or other prominent UK cities is that the job market in the UK has been expanding, and unemployment rates are dropping. Since a few years ago, there have been more vacant jobs in the UK, which has led to increased opportunities to get job in London from India, and a rise in family income assistance.

Indian nationals finding out how to get job in UK from India 2023 can now rejoice because there are many job opportunities accessible. Using the most recent policies put in place in 2022, highly skilled Indian employees can now migrate to their destination. The new UK work visa for Indians presents qualified workers, professionals, and students with promising job possibilities making it easy to find jobs in UK from India.

How To Get A Job In UK From India: Jobs In Demand

Another pertinent piece of information for people wondering how to find job in UK from India is that many open positions in the UK’s present labor market aren’t being filled by its residents.

These positions, also known as those on the SOL (Shortage Occupation List), may go unfilled unless a qualified overseas worker enters the country and fills the position. SOL jobs are among the simplest to obtain a visa sponsorship through due to the rising demand for them, thereby increasing the scope to find jobs in UK from India

Several of the best professions on this list include:

  • IT & Tech jobs including web design, data science, and software development.

  • Editors of movies, visual designers, etc.

  • Doctors, pediatricians, nurses, veterinarians, etc. in the healthcare industry.

  • Math or Mandarin instructors in secondary schools

How To Get A Job In UK From India For Graduates

Graduates from India can also seize the chance of how to get job in UK from India 2023. It’s because there are countless numbers of job possibilities in the UK. Due to a labor shortage, employers are having trouble filling jobs, particularly those for chefs, developers, teachers, engineers, and nurses. If you are skilled enough you can therefore immigrate and get job in UK from India. Since these are some of the top job sectors in the UK, we advise pursuing a profession in IT, Accounting, Finance, Banking, Engineering, Education, Marketing, Healthcare, Recruitment, and HR.

How To Get A Job In UK From India For Freshers

Recent graduates can get job in London from India, with lucrative career opportunities, in many different industries. They can also seek jobs in other UK cities and start with excellent salaries if they apply to fields where there is a shortage of workers or a rising demand for the industry’s services. As getting a job can seem tricky, so is saving money once you get the job. Remigos’ bank account can help you with that with its zero monthly fees, free international wire transfers, mobile banking, and tons of benefits.

If you possess the necessary skills, you can get job in UK from India in the UK’s important industries. Metals, aerospace, the arts, and design are a few examples.

Now that we’ve discussed how to find job in UK from India, let us find out about the important documents that are required in order to get job in UK from India

how to get a job in uk from india

How To Get A Job In UK From India: Required Documents

You must first find jobs in UK from India before requesting any type of visa to move there. Because you will be evaluated based on your document submission abilities, getting a work requires them. To get job in UK from India, the following paperwork is typically needed:

An Excellent Resume

The first step in how to find job in UK from India is drafting a resume. A resume or CV is typically required for applications in the UK employment market. Your personal contact information, your most recent relevant employment history, any industry-specific skills, recommendations from previous employers, and your educational background should all be listed here.

Accomplishments and Accolades

It’s common practice for people to list any honors or accomplishments they’ve earned, but doing so is optional and can make resumes look cluttered and crowded.

Cover Letter

Although it’s not always necessary, it’s generally a good idea to send a cover note along with your resume. You get to brag about yourself in this distinct document!

In your cover letter, you have one or two paragraphs to convince the company why you are the best candidate for the job.

A quick tip: Begin your cover letter by thanking the company for reading your application, and end it by expressing your eagerness to talk further about your qualifications with them in the future.

Permit to Work

Employers will choose you over other candidates if you have a certificate allowing you to work. Remember that each application will be different depending on the sort of job you are applying for; for instance, if you are applying to be a writer, you might also need to submit writing samples.

How To Get A Job In UK From India: Immigration With Job Offer

You must have an employment offer and, in some circumstances, sponsorship to be granted a UK work visa. If you want to immigrate to the UK as an Indian (non-EU/EFTA citizen) for employment, you must first get job in UK from India. Once a UK employer extends you a work offer, you must submit a Work Permit Visa application to the UK Visas and Immigration Service.

You might already have a work visa or a job offer from a UK company in some cases, but you can’t work. The UK Work Permit Visa must then be obtained through a legitimate job offer from a reputable company in the UK.

So then how to get job in UK from India 2023? Through UK Tier 2 Visa pathways, you can submit applications for jobs with open positions in the UK. It allows skilled employees to stay in the UK for an extended period. This is to cover open positions for skilled workers in industries like healthcare, education, accounting, or IT.

Your line of work must be on the UK Tier 2 Shortage Occupation List, Tier 2 UK Occupation List, or Skilled Workers Codes of Practice. However, before submitting your application, you must already have an employment offer. It’s also necessary to have a Tier 2 Sponsorship Certificate from a legitimate Tier 2 Sponsor License-holding Employer in the UK.

how to get a job in uk from india

How To Get A Job In UK From India: Type Of Visa To Apply

Now that you have understood how to find job in UK from India, let us discuss the visa process. It’s time to submit a visa application once you’ve accepted the position and received your offer letter. When it comes to visas, there are many choices. Let us walk you through the most common choices that might be appropriate if you get job in London from India:

UK Global Talent Visa

The UK Global Talent visa is intended for individuals with exceptional skills or qualifications, such as academics or doctors. If you are granted this visa, you are not required to wait until you have a work offer.

General Tier 2 Visa

The passport enables long-term employment and residence in the UK. The work you are applying for must be on the UK’s Tier 2 Shortage Occupation List for you to be qualified for a Tier 2 General visa. (SOL).

A list of positions that cannot be filled by citizens of the nation is known as an SOL. A skilled foreign worker must arrive and take up the position in order to fill it.

How To Get A Job In UK From India: Required Documents For Tier 2 General Visa

Several papers are needed to apply for a visa, and these are examined before being approved. The following are the papers needed to obtain a Tier 2 General Visa:

  • Offer of a job in a skilled field

  • The hiring company has given you a certificate of sponsorship.

  • When you arrive in the UK, you’ll need to show that you have the money to cover your travel and other costs.

  • IELTS and TOEFL exam results for English proficiency

  • Valid passport

  • Proof that you are being paid fairly for the position you have been recruited for

  • Police approval document

  • The last five years’ travel details

Within three weeks of submitting the aforementioned paperwork and finishing the necessary steps, you should hear back from the visa officials. You can use Remigos’ Money Transfer service to send money easily for your visa application and other expenditures. We offer clear rates and paperless money transfers.

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Get A Job In UK From India

How to get job in UK from India 2023?

You must work for a company authorized by the Home Office of the United Kingdom. Additionally, you require a Sponsorship Certificate from your workplace, which should include information about the designation you have been given in the UK. The UK’s List of Eligible Occupations must include this occupation.

Can I move to the UK before I find jobs in UK from India?

An employment offer from a recognized UK employer is required before you can submit an application for a skilled worker visa. Sponsors are another name for approved companies because they are paying for your travel or accommodation while you are in the UK.

How to get job in London from India?

Visit as many employment portals or websites as possible to get job in London from India. For instance, Poststudy, Indeed, Linkedin, etc. These websites display all of the open positions along with the employer name, work description, application instructions, expected salary range, etc.


In the last few years, there has been a steady rise in the number of open jobs in the UK. There’s a plethora of jobs in the UK, and most of them are covered by SOL, which offers plenty of positions available to international applicants. This gives you the chance to get a sponsorship visa and work at some of the best businesses in the world in places like London, Manchester, and other major cities. We hope that the information provided above has sufficiently answered your query about how to find jobs in UK from India.Happy Hunting!!



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