Do You Really Need A Study Abroad Consultancy?

Studying abroad has become quite easier with the advent of digital technology. Nowadays, you don’t need any external help when it comes to overseas education. Whatever information you need is readily available on the internet for free.

However, this doesn’t mean you need to completely throw away the idea of approaching a study abroad consultancy. While self-application can help you save consultancy charges, it is very risky.

For example, a simple mistake during the application process can lead to rejection. Sometimes, you may even lose a good scholarship. So, it is best to pay minimal consultancy charges instead of lamenting in the future.

Unless you are pretty confident and have someone that can help you with the entire study abroad process, it is best to avoid self-application. If you don’t want to take any risk, choose a genuine and trustworthy study abroad consultancy.

Consultancies save you time and money while helping you get into the right university. They can recommend the best course and help you with the study visa process. It can be a hassle to figure out all the details and paperwork, so you should be able to count on your consultant to do the heavy lifting for you.

In this blog, we are going to throw some light on the benefits of choosing a good abroad consultancy for overseas education.

What Is Study Abroad Consultancy?

Study abroad consultancy provides help and guidance to students who want to pursue their education overseas. They help you get through the complex admission process with ease.

A good abroad consultancy can assist you with every step of the application process. They can recommend the best university for you, guide you through the application process, and ensure you have everything you need to successfully complete your studies.

Education consultants can also offer assistance with your financial documents. This can make the application and visa process simpler and easier. If you need to take the IELTS exam, they can also provide coaching.

You’ll find a wide range of overseas education consultants online. Select one with a reputation, and you’ll be well on your way to fulfilling your dream of studying overseas. However, it’s important to be careful when choosing a consultant service. Ensure that your consultant has the required qualifications, experience, and know-how.

To make the right choice, it’s a good idea to ask a few other students for advice. By doing this, you’ll get an objective view of the various counselling centres. Another great choice is to contact Remigos who will always act as your best Amigos in a foreign country. From transferring your money at a very low transaction charge, opening a bank account even before flying to getting you a SIM card of the other country, Remigos will always have your back.

Can You Study Abroad Without Consulting?

Yes, you can study abroad without hiring a consultant. In this digital era, you can easily apply for international education at universities all around the world. If you follow all the steps correctly, you can easily study abroad without consulting.

However, it is best to hire abroad education consultants as it increases your chances of getting accepted. When you opt for self-application, there are many mistakes you can make. Here are some common mistakes students make when applying for study abroad.

  • No making an expense budget
  • Incomplete application form submission
  • Not looking for finances and scholarships
  • Not finding appropriate accommodation
  • Choosing the wrong course and university
  • Incomplete student visa application

To avoid these errors, it is imperative to hire a study abroad consultancy. The process of studying abroad is a complicated affair. It requires lots of research and an understanding of the local culture and language. Also, you need to make sure that you’re taking the correct steps to prevent visa rejection.

A good study abroad consultant can help you plan a budget, evaluate the financial needs of your family, learn about the local culture, and prepare for your trip. A consultant is an invaluable asset if you want to get the most out of your time and money.

Self-Application Vs Study Abroad Consultancy – Which Is Better?

If you want to study abroad, you have two options – you can apply yourself or hire an education agent. However, the decision to apply yourself or go through an agency depends on your preferences.

Self-applying can be a difficult task. It takes a lot of research, a lot of time and a lot of patience. Most students end up dissatisfied with the results. So, it is best to hire a reputable consultant.

Using an agency can help you save time, money and stress. They have many years of experience, which means you can be sure they’ll have a better idea of what works for you. Also, they can find scholarships for you.

Overseas consultants have close relationships with universities and can help you find the right place to study. They can also help you fill out applications and get student visas. Some agencies even offer continuous support while you’re studying. You can use their services to find the best courses to take in the country you’re interested in.

Study abroad consultants also have close ties to banks and travel agencies. This means they can make air tickets and arrange to get to the house. Additionally, they can help you with foreign currency exchange. And they’re incredibly knowledgeable about the process of applying for and receiving loans.

Some agencies can also help you with the student insurance process. However, if you want insurance in UK, use Remigos services. We can help you find the best student insurance plans.

Why Should You Hire a Study Abroad Consultancy?

If you’re considering going abroad for college or university, you may want to consider hiring a study abroad consultancy. They can help you get a visa and prepare for the experience. These consultants can also provide you with career and test preparation advice and help with financing. Here are some reasons why you should hire a consultancy for abroad studies.

  • Evaluation of Profile

A profile evaluation is a process of assessing your strengths and weaknesses and determining what your career options may be. This includes examining your academic performance, extracurricular activities, and social activities and comparing it to your peers. Having a consultant help you in this process can be beneficial. They can advise you on the right choice of educational institution and provide you with guidance and information.

  • Documentation and University Interviews

When applying for university studies abroad, it is important to provide the admissions officer with your documentation. There are several documents that are considered supporting evidence to your application, including letters of recommendation, a scholarship letter, a financial statement and an admission letter. Consultants can help you prepare your documentation, as well as university interviews. They will give you tips on how to answer the questions. They can also help you present your profile and build a good relationship with the university.

  • Visa Filing

Students who want to go abroad for higher studies must apply for a study visa. In the process, they have to present a number of documents. This can prove to be a time-consuming process. Also, the visa application process is different for each country. If you do not know what to do, you can end up in a mess. A study abroad consultant will walk you through it. These experts will explain the requirements and ensure that you have all the documents in order. When you apply through a consultancy, there are fewer chances of Visa rejection.

  • Scholarship and Assistantship

If you’re considering studying abroad, you might need a scholarship or assistantship. These forms of aid can be used to cover the costs of travel, study, and living. Assistantships provide you with a work placement at a campus, which allows you to gain valuable experience while gaining a sense of financial security. Scholarships, on the other hand, are awarded based on a variety of factors, including academic merit, financial need, and other considerations. A good study abroad consultancy can help you find and apply for scholarships and assistantships.

  • Safety and Security

If you’re planning to go overseas for an educational experience of a lifetime, make sure you take safety and security into account. It’s not just about taking the right precautions to ensure you don’t end up in the wrong destination, but also making the right decisions when it comes to choosing the correct university and studying in the safest possible environment. They will help you to avoid any scams. If you are studying in the UK and looking for safe telecom services, Remigos can help you get a UK Sim card from the comfort of your home.

  • Eligibility and Shortlisting

A study abroad consultancy can help you hone in on the best programs, colleges and universities for your individual circumstances. These consultancies have tie-ups with universities from all around the world. They can help you to fulfil the eligibility criteria and shortlist the best universities.

  • Test Preparation

When it comes to studying abroad, you need to prepare for various tests like IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, MCAT, LSAT, GMAT, etc. Some of these tests are quite difficult to crack. However, a counsellor for study in abroad can help you with test preparation. Some agencies even provide coaching services to help students.

  • References

If you’re applying for a study abroad program, you may need references. You should know that there are a number of factors to consider when writing a reference. These include the subject of the reference and the quality of the recommendation. To create a good impression, abroad consultancy can help you with the best references.

  • Career Advice

Study abroad consultants help students plan their careers. They offer expert advice on what course to take, which university to attend and what to do once you’re there. They have access to information about hundreds of colleges around the world. Moreover, they will offer you the best advice and guidance when it comes to studying abroad.

  • Housing Assistance

Study abroad agencies can also help you with housing assistance. They provide information about the type and cost of accommodation. These agents often have connections with universities in the country of study. Sometimes, they even provide temporary accommodation to students. Apart from that, they can even help you with banking services. Moreover, if you are planning to study in the UK, Remigos can help you open a UK bank account to manage your finances.

  • Job Availability in Abroad Countries

If you are planning to go for higher education in the near future, you need to check the job availabilities in the country. While the process can be a daunting task, an educational consultancy can help you. They will guide you through the application process and provide essential information about part-time job opportunities during the program and after graduation.

  • Education Loans

Educational consultancy is important for students who want to pursue higher education abroad. They can help you secure educational loans. They can also suggest low-interest loan institutions. This is a great way to ensure that you will get the financial support you need for your studies. If you are planning to study in the UK and need assistance with finance, try Remigos. We can also help you with a money transfer from India to UK at cheaper rates.

How to Select the Best Study Abroad Consultancy?

There are many things you will want to consider when choosing the best study abroad consultant for your needs. This includes whether they have experience in the specific area you’re interested in, the countries you’d like to go to, and what type of knowledge they possess. It also is important to check out reviews for their services and to consider the costs of the service as well. Here is a list of factors you need to take into account when choosing a study abroad consultancy.

  • Knowledge and Experience
  • Communication Skills
  • Credentials and Trustworthiness
  • Transparency
  • Career Counselling
  • Tools and Technology Used
  • Consultancy Service Charges
  • Financial Assistance
  • Success History
  • Countries Available
  • Reviews, Ratings and Testimonials

Final Thoughts

Studying overseas can provide students with life-changing experiences. It also allows them to learn new concepts, explore different cultures, and develop their self-reliance. When it comes to overseas education, study abroad consultancy is a useful resource. These professionals can guide you through the process, from course selection to applying for a visa. Some even help you with accommodation. These agencies also charge a minimal amount of fees for their service. So, to get the most out of your investment, you need to find a consultant that is both cost-effective and trustworthy.



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