UK Or Canada Which Is Better For Indian Students?

There is a lot to appreciate about studying in either the United Kingdom or Canada. Comparing UK vs Canada for Indian students can be a critical discussion as these two countries are home to some of the world’s best universities, and each country has its own unique culture and benefits. Education is one of the most important factors leading to successful immigration. These two countries offer great opportunities for students to experience studying abroad. However, it is natural to wonder, UK Or Canada which is better for Indian students. For that, certain elements of both countries must be considered when planning to study abroad, to ensure a positive learning experience. But

The United Kingdom is a fantastic country to learn, live, and settled in. It has great universities and fantastic opportunities for international students. Canada on the other hand is growing as an educational destination. With its over 40 universities, numerous colleges, and vocational training options, you can find something that suits you perfectly. So, Canada or UK which is better for Indian students?

Well! Worry not and read on, as this article may help you to make an informed decision about which destination offers better opportunities for learning and you can decide for yourself as to UK Or Canada, which is better for Indian students.

Quality Of Education: UK Or Canada which is better for Indian students

What needs to be understood here is that the education system in most Commonwealth countries is only to some extent identical. However, there are some instrumental distinctions between Canada vs UK for Indian students in terms of their education systems. Let’s read how.


Canada’s education system has a slight difference from those of other countries. Rather than focusing on grades, this school seeks to deliver holistic education; students are stress-free from the rigorous learning process. It is a rather non-stratified system, where parents and the community are more involved. Canada’s universities have also become more advanced in recent years, offering excellent facilities to students.


The UK education system is home to some of the world’s greatest universities, which provide world-class higher education with the best infrastructure and facilities. UK education system is parred excellence where grades are highly valued. The class system is extremely stratified, and within it, students are expected to perform and excel. Extracurricular activities are for students who demonstrate a high level of excellence in the activity or sport. Students participate in different extracurricular activities such as sports and music or come up with their own ideas. UK schools are able to create positive motivation for students by offering a platform for students to show their talent.

Cost of Study: UK Or Canada which is better for Indian students


This country offers several international education programmes. The cost of a master’s degree varies on the subject and university you choose, but it typically ranges from £18,000 to £35,000. With the present exchange rate, the cost of such an education for an Indian student ranges from INR 1,800,000 to INR 3,500,000.


Canada may once again appear to have an edge in the discussion of UK vs Canada for Indian students. Tuition fees in Canadian universities are significantly lower than those at UK colleges for two reasons:

  1. Tuition is often less expensive in Canada.
  2. The Canadian Dollar exchange rate is lower.

A master’s programme in Canada typically costs between 16,000 and 30,000 CAD, with most programmes costing around 22,000 CAD. The tuition prices range from INR 922,000 to INR 1,728,000 after conversion to rupees.

UK Or Canada Which Is Better For Indian Students

Working While Studying: UK Or Canada which is better for Indian students

Both countries permit students to work while pursuing their academic degrees. This is primarily for overseas students wishing to supplement their income. However, there are some regulations that must be observed in order to pursue these positions, when comparing the UK vs Canada for Indian students.


When it comes to Canadian universities, they often demand a Canadian Students Permit, which allows you to work on campus. You may only work during the duration of your academic programme, not before or after. If your course requires you to work as an intern or participate in a co-op, you will need to apply for a second visa.


International students in the United Kingdom with a Tier 4 student visa are permitted to work for around 20 hours per week and full-time during holidays during their academic programmes. The work usually entails part-time employment on campus, such as working in the cafeteria or working part-time for a university-affiliated firm, such as assisting with research or teaching. The work permissible by corporate sector employers will be determined by your chosen course.

Employment After Studies: UK Or Canada which is better for Indian students

Better job possibilities are a major motivator for Indian students to pursue higher education abroad. So Canada or UK which is better for Indian students in terms of job opportunities after the completion of their studies. Both Canada and the United Kingdom are known for being accommodating to immigrants and international students. It is totally up to the person to select a nation based on employment opportunities; both countries offer post-study work visas. So, let’s look at Canada vs UK for Indian students issue through the lens of employment.


In terms of Canada vs UK for Indian students and their future job prospects, Canada offers decent job prospects, which may allow you to consider moving there. It boasts a stable economy and is home to some of the world’s largest enterprises. The Post Graduation Work Program (PGWP) of the Canadian government permits students to work in Canada for the duration of their studies. And it’s highly likely that you’ll be able to extend your visa. Another advantage of the PGWP is that you can choose any topic that is not linked to your subject of study.


Increased competition from Canada, Australia, and New Zealand has compelled the UK to adjust its old laws in order to maintain the flow of international students. Students can now stay in the UK for up to two years after finishing their education. You are eligible to apply for skilled and highly skilled visas. The highly skilled visa has a 5-year validity period. If you obtain a 5-year visa, you are automatically eligible for PR.

UK Or Canada Which Is Better For Indian Students

Safety and Security: UK Or Canada which is better for Indian students

The capacity to focus on your studies and complete the degree is dictated by the security and safety of another nation. Now that we are nearing the conclusion of our discussion of whether the UK Or Canada which is better for Indian students, it brings us to some of the most significant questions that parents sending their children to other countries often ask. Is it safe? Is UK safe for international students? Or, is there international student security in Canada? Let’s find out.


International students in Canada, whether Indian or from another country, are treated with decency and respect. More importantly, international students are treated on an equal footing with Canadian students.

You can also be confident in your safety while studying at a Canadian university. To ensure the safety of overseas students, Canadian universities and colleges have established international and security departments.

Furthermore, due to highly well-established security departments and a competent police department, Canada can be considered a safe country for Indian students. But what about the UK? Like Canada, is UK safe for Indian students?


The security of all students on campus and in general is accorded top priority in the United Kingdom. Most colleges have a dedicated committee that ensures overseas students’ safety. CCTV cameras and round-the-clock security ensure that all students are safe. While university campuses and accommodations are totally secure, having possessions insurance provides tremendous piece of mind. It is also critical for students to avoid carrying large amounts of cash. They can carry either prepaid credit cards or bank-issued debit cards. Card payments are accepted in all restaurants, theatres, and shops in the UK.

Other Important Factors: UK or Canada which is better for Indian students

When deciding between UK or Canada which is better for Indian students other factors to consider are the time difference between the UK and Canada, as well as their weather patterns. So, if you’re going from India, prepare for it as most Indian students in UK struggle with the country’s harsh and unpredictable climate, whereas in Canada it’s the sub-zero temperatures that can be excruciatingly difficult.

In terms of diaspora, both Canada and the United Kingdom have a sizable Indian population, however, Learning a new language with a different accent is something that most Indian students in UK struggle with.

When it comes to education, Indian education is more similar to the UK, especially if you want to study medicine or law. However, regardless of your topic of study, Canada also provides you with several opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

UK or Canada which is better for Indian students to live in?

In terms of diversity, safety, weather, natural environment, and employment prospects, both countries offer the best opportunities for overseas students. It is up to students who have preferences other than these factors.

UK vs Canada for Indian students, which is better for Masters?

The United Kingdom has some of the greatest universities in the world, while Canada offers some of the lowest study and living costs. Students can select any country based on their other interests such as job scope, cost of learning, cost of living, scholarship perks, and so on.

Canada or UK which is better for Indian students, in terms of tuition fees?

While both countries provide a premier education, Canada is recognized for having lower tuition fees than other top-ranked international education locations.

Is London safe for Indian students?

It is undeniably true that the United Kingdom is an exceedingly safe destination to further one’s education. But how about London in particular? Is London safe for Indian students? Yes, the United Kingdom and its various cities are deemed safe. This is especially true in London, where people can easily wander around alone or with friends while feeling completely safe. At the same time, it should be acknowledged that, despite encouraging improvements in student safety and security, crimes are perpetrated in the country. As a result, overseas students in the UK must prioritize personal safety as one of their top objectives. Students can take a variety of steps to feel more confident and secure in their new surroundings. Such as insurance and Remigos can assist you with that. We can also assist you in obtaining the most affordable student insurance in the UK.


The UK and Canada both have great educational infrastructures for students from all around the world. Despite the fact that they are both excellent options for a foreign education, students should assess their aims and ambitions before applying to universities in these nations. When applying to international universities, many aspects will influence your overall studying experience. So to answer “UK or Canada which is better for Indian students”, needs to be determined by the student’s priorities. Because of their unique benefits, each country offers a great place to study abroad. The U.K. offers some of the world’s top universities and some of the best career prospects after graduation while Canada has lower total study and living costs and has historically given international students with flexible post-study work options. We hope that this article has helped you by providing you with pivotal information. To make this choice between UK vs Canada for Indian students, you can now weigh all of these aspects and may make an informed decision.



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