Top 5 Student Visa Rejection Reasons You Must Know?

Student visa rejection is a common concern among individuals planning to study abroad. While it seems like a nightmare, you can easily avoid it. All you need to do is be aware of the common student visa rejection reasons and follow tips to avoid the same mistakes.

Obtaining a student visa is a key priority when it comes to studying abroad. With this official document, you won’t be able to visit another country for education.

So, when you apply for a study abroad visa, make sure there is no room for rejection. By simply avoiding the common mistakes made by students, you can get your visa in one go.

You may find it surprising to learn that there are hundreds of different reasons a student visa is denied. Some of these are common, while others are more unique. Moreover, understanding the main reasons for rejection can help you avoid a similar fate.

So, in this article, we are going to discuss the top 5 student visa rejection reasons and show you some tips for applying for a student visa.

5 Common Student Visa Rejection Reasons

There are a lot of reasons behind student visa rejection, from insufficient funds to problems with the document. The visa rejection reasons differ from one country to another, but here are the 5 common reasons why most students face visa rejection.

  • Shortage of Funds

If you are an international student applying for a non-immigrant visa, you will need to prove your financial ability to stay in a foreign country. Most of the time, this will require you to provide proof of your own finances and your family’s finances. You need to show evidence of liquid assets to prove that you can support your education as well as cover the cost of living. It is important to show that you have the necessary funds to support yourself while studying in the US. Whether you have a job or a scholarship to help fund your studies, you must be able to prove that you can cover the cost of your studies. If you need additional funds when studying abroad, you can use the Remigos money transfer service. We offer money transfer from India to UK at the best rates.

  • Late or Incomplete Application

When applying for a study visa, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of success. Among the first things you should do is make sure you submit the application on time. You also need to fill in all the details in the form. Late or incomplete form submissions are some of the most common visa rejection reasons. If a student has applied for a visa only a few days before the intended date of departure, the likelihood of receiving a positive response is low. The best time to apply for a student visa is as soon as you are notified that you have been accepted to a university. You also need to open a bank account in a foreign country. Remigos can help you easily open UK bank account from your smartphone.

  • Poor Visa Interview

A poor visa interview is one of the main visa rejection reasons. When a visa officer questions a student, he or she expects a confident, well-prepared candidate. Providing complete information, answering straightforward questions, and communicating clearly will help ensure a positive outcome. The visa officer wants to be sure that you are able to pay for the first year of your education. You should be prepared to answer questions about your chosen university and plans after graduation. You should also be able to explain how your academic goals relate to your future career.

  • Reason to Return to Home Country Not Strong

When applying for a non-immigrant visa, you need to demonstrate strong ties to your home country. The most convincing ties will be those that ensure your return to your home country after you leave the foreign country. If your reason to return to your home country is not strong enough, it can lead to visa rejection. So, make sure you give a strong reason to return to your home country after the completion of your education. A great way to find out which ties are likely to get you approved for a non-immigrant visa is to consult with an immigration professional. In order to maintain ties with your family and friends, you can buy UK SIM Card using Remigos. We can help you order a SIM card directly from India.

  • Incomplete Travel or Identity Documents

If you are applying for a study visa, you should take steps to ensure you meet the requirements. The first step is to fill out the application form and upload the necessary documentation. You need to present all the necessary travel and identity documents like passport, bank statements, English language proficiency test results, etc. Once the application is complete, you should review it carefully to see if there are any mistakes that can be corrected. However, if you fail to submit important documents or if there is something wrong with the documents, your visa rejection chances will increase. Remigos can help you with insurance documents. We can also help you get the best student insurance in UK at nominal rates.

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Other Student Visa Rejection Reasons

Apart from the 5 common reasons, there are many other student visa rejection reasons you need to know about. Here are some of the reasons.

  • Poor English language proficiency score
  • Status of your passport
  • Criminal records
  • Time of visa application
  • Unfavourable travel history
  • Health status
  • Suspicious university or degree
  • Family members already living in the country
  • Other document problems

The Difference between Visa Refusal and Rejection

Students often get confused between visa refusal and visa rejection. However, both terms have different meanings and implications. It is important to understand the difference between the two terms when it comes to the re-application for a visa.

In simple words, visa refusal is when you do something wrong, and it goes on your permanent record, thereby leading to visa refusal. On the other hand, visa rejection is when something is missing from your application. You have to resubmit the paperwork in case of visa rejection.

A refusal means your application was complete and valid, which made it past the first hurdle. However, it was checked again for specific rules and didn’t meet the criteria. A rejection, on the other hand, means that it did not even pass the first hurdle. It was not a valid application as the basic requirements were not met.

Visa Refusal Reasons

Refusal of visa is when a foreign country refuses to give you access by rejecting your visa application. It means you have failed to prove that you are eligible to study in a foreign country. Moreover, you will often get a refusal letter stating the reason behind the refusal of the visa. Here are some common visa refusal reasons.

  • Failure to disclose critical information
  • Missing documents
  • Incomplete visa application
  • Seeking advice from fake agents
  • Providing fraudulent documents
  • Inadequate English proficiency

Visa Rejection Reasons

Visa rejection is when your application doesn’t reach the decision-making stage and is returned to you. In some cases, the authorities will highlight visa rejection reasons. You need to check the reason to avoid making the same mistake when applying for a visa again in the future.

  • Application with a delay
  • Incomplete application
  • Lack of documents
  • Technical issues in the application
  • Expiry of passport validity

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How to Check Visa Rejection Status?

When you apply for a student visa, you need to regularly keep checking the visa status. It will help you to know whether your visa is rejected or still under processing.

In order to check the visa status, you need to visit the website of the consulate of the country you are planning to visit. Once you reach the website, you need to enter some details like,

  • Passport number
  • The tracking number
  • Application ID
  • Interview location

Once you enter all the information, you will be able to check your visa rejection status.

Tips to Avoid Student Visa Rejection and Refusal

If you are applying for a student visa, you need to follow some tips to avoid rejection or refusal. Moreover, these tips will ensure that your visa application is complete and valid. Here are some helpful tips.

  • Read all the guidelines carefully on the embassy website.
  • Follow all the instructions when applying for a visa online.
  • Don’t leave anything blank.
  • Check the instructions given for every specific section to enter the right information.
  • Enclose valid documents.
  • Attack copy of acceptance letter.
  • Make sure there are enough funds in your account.
  • Keep an explanation of your intent to visit, stay and return clear.
  • Don’t make any spelling mistakes.
  • Apply at the right time.
  • Make sure you complete all the formalities of the visa application.
  • Maintain your bank account balance.
  • Get travel insurance.
  • Undertake necessary medical exams.
  • Fulfil income tax liabilities.

Tips to Handle Student Visa Interview

The visa interview is the last step in the long process of applying to study in a foreign country. In order to pass this important step, it is crucial to prepare and answer questions honestly. Moreover, here are some tips for handling student visa interviews.

  • Reach for interview on time
  • Prepare in advance
  • Look professional
  • Be honest and do not lie
  • Keep answers to the point
  • Show your commitment
  • Answer with confidence
  • Adjust according to the interviewer


What Is F1 Visa?

The F1 visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows foreign students to study in the United States. It is also granted to individuals who are pursuing a higher education program at a recognized American university, college, or language school.

What Are Common F1 Visa Rejection Reasons?

There are many F1 visa rejection reasons. Some of the common reasons are,

  • Lack of or false information
  • Missing documents
  • Lack of finances
  • No intent to return home
  • Late application

What Is 214b Visa Denial?

In the US, 214(B) is a section under the Immigration and Nationality Act that denies a visa to a non-immigrant applicant. If you are not able to provide legitimate reasons to get the visa or show financial independency, your visa can get denied under the 214(B) section.

What Are 214 B Visa Rejection Reasons?

The most common reason for a 214b visa denial is based on the political and economic situation in the applicant’s home country. A poor country, an unstable country, or a country experiencing a political crisis are all more likely to deny applicants. Apart from that, there are also many other reasons for visa rejection under the 214(b) section. Here are some common reasons.

  • No strong ties to your home country
  • Multiple long and extended stays in the US
  • Interview problems
  • Any previous interactions with the police
  • Insufficient display of funds

What Are the Common Canadian Student Visa Rejection Reasons?

If you wish to study in Canada, you must apply for a Canadian student visa. However, before applying for a visa, you must know about the common Canadian student visa rejection reasons. This way, you can also avoid making the same mistakes. Here are some common reasons for visa rejection.

  • Financial insufficiency
  • Poor choice of program
  • Problems with the letter of acceptance
  • English language proficiency results
  • Poor academic performance
  • Incomplete documents
  • Intent of return to home country


Getting a visa is not a walk in the park, and students are often worried about their visas getting rejected. However, you can easily avoid this by making sure your visa application is complete and valid. In order to do so, you need to know about the common visa rejection reasons. Once you know these reasons, you can avoid the same fate. Moreover, there are a number of reasons for a student visa to be refused. Some common student visa rejection reasons are late application, incomplete form, lack of funds, incomplete documentation, etc. If you are still worried about your student visa application, follow the tips given in the article to increase your chances of acceptance.


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