The Ultimate Guide To UK Student Visa Requirements – When To Apply, How To Apply

A step-by-step guide on how to apply for a student visa in the UK


The UK is an excellent place to live and learn, however, to relocate and study (in the UK) here, you need to get a UK student visa first (as if you didn’t know it already :P). However, what you don’t know is how to apply for a UK student visa and this comprehensive UK student visa guide here covers everything you wish to know about moving to the UK to study including

  • Why study in the UK
  • Who needs a UK student visa
  • Types and UK cost of student visa
  • The requirements for getting a UK student visa
  • When to apply for a UK student visa
  • How to apply for a student visa in the UK
  • How long does it take to get a UK student visa

Let’s get the ball rolling…

Why Study In The United Kingdom?

Acquiring an education visa UK can help you develop a promising career post your study in the UK.

The United Kingdom is one of the best places for students to be, who are seeking a high-quality education in a harmonious environment. From Bachelor’s to PhDs, every year, almost 600,000 international students come to study in the UK to pursue different academic programs. Also, it is the legacies of the centuries-old universities that make the UK one of the world’s leading educational destinations which continuously produces the finest minds in the world.

  1. UK universities are world-famous for academic excellence and quality
  2. Thousands of courses in diverse fields are available for international students
  3. Students get an opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge in a holistic way
  4. The degrees offered by the UK universities are globally recognized
  5. Most UK universities provide options to continue with post-graduate studies

For decades now, the UK has been a preferred destination for over a million international students

  • Affordable education
  • Courses and qualifications recognized across the world
  • Innovative research opportunities
  • Healthy, safe environment
  • Scholarships and financial support
  • Diverse and inclusive nation
  • Possible to work while you study

Who Needs To Apply For A Student Visa UK?

If you’re an international student hoping to study in the UK, you’ll need a student visa.

Requirements for a UK student visa from India is a Tier 4 (General) student visa to study in the United Kingdom. This visa is specifically for students like you who wish to pursue higher studies in the United Kingdom. Read on to know how can I get a student visa for the UK.

Types And Cost Of UK Student Visa

Here are the new UK rules for student visas with how much is a student visa to the UK

Since you are still reading the guide it means you have made up your mind to pursue higher studies in the UK. Fantastic! You will need an educational visa and that’s why we are here, to guide you and share information about UK student visas Short-Term.

Visa CategoryAge BracketVisa ValidityApplication Fee
1. Tier 4: Student Route Visa (General UK Student Visa)16 and above who wish to pursue a course of duration of over 6 monthsVisa is valid for a duration of the course and a month in addition to itGBP 348
2. Tier 4: Child Student Visaa. Under 16b. Between 16 & 17a. 6 years & 4 monthsb. 3 years & 4 monthsGBP 348
3. Short Term VisaAbove 166 to 11 monthsa. 6 months: GBP 97b. 11 months: GBP 186

There are three kinds of student visas:

1. Tier 4: Student Route Visa

Formerly known as the General UK Student Visa, this Tier 4 visa is applicable for students who are

  • Above the age of 16 & wish to pursue a course for over 6 months
  • The visa is valid for the duration of the course and a month in addition to it
  • The application fee for the Tier 4 General Student Visa is 348 GBP

You will also be required to pay a healthcare surcharge that is not included in the cost of the Student Route Visa.

2. Tier 4: Child Student Visa

The Tier 4 Children’s visa is the UK study visa for students in the age group of 4-17

  • For students under the age of 16, the visa will be valid for 6 years and 4 months
  • For students aged 16 and 17, the visa will be valid for 3 years and 4 months
  • The application fee for UK Tier 4 Child Visa is 348 GBP

3. Short-Term Visa

You will be required to get a short-term student visa to the UK if you plan to pursue a course for less than a year

  • Above the age of 16, the validity ranges from 6 to 11 months
  • The application fee for a 6-month short-term visa would be 97 GBP
  • The application fee for an 11-month visa would be 186 GBP

Now that you have figured out which type of visa you need to apply for, the UK student visa application fee and how many years of visa the UK give for students, let us go through the documents required for a UK student visa.

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The Requirements To Get A UK Student Visa

These requirements apply to Indian students applying for study visas in the UK.

To apply for a UK student visa, there are a few visa requirements you’ll need to meet successfully. These include:

  • You’ve been offered a place in a full-time course from an eligible university (the school must be a licensed Student route visa Tier 4 sponsors)
  • You can understand English (written and spoken)
  • You have enough funds to support yourself while also paying for the course

Admit letter

To procure the UK study visa you need to have the acceptance or admit letter from the UK university you plan on attending. The letter must present a Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) number.

English Language Proficiency

What do you expect? You are going to study in the UK and it is a prerequisite that you be fluent in the language. You will need to give an English language test and the most common and widely accepted tests are the IELTS and PTE.


You will need to show proof of enough financial resources to cover your tuition fees and your accommodation for at least a year. The evidence could be shown via either

  1. Your bank balance
  2. A sanctioned loan letter
  3. An official financial sponsorship letter

National Health Service

You are required to pay 300 GBP per year to avail of the UK National Health Service benefits.


A valid passport. Obvious, isn’t it?

Tuberculosis Test Results

A ‘negative’ Tuberculosis test result is required for applicants applying from certain countries including India. You can find the list of countries on the official UK government website.

Consent Letter from Parents / Guardian

This applies to you if you are a minor, below 18 years of age.

When To Apply For a UK Student Visa

3 months to six weeks before the start of the program

The ideal time to apply for a UK student visa depends on when the programme is scheduled to begin. You can apply for a visa up to three months before your programme start date. However, it is recommended to begin the process at least six weeks earlier than your intended travel date. Make sure you have your CAS number before you apply for a student visa UK online.

How To Apply For A UK Student Visa

Visit the official British Government website and apply for the required visa type

  1. Apply for a Student route visa (formerly known as the Tier 4 General student visa)
  2. Fill out the online application form
  3. Submit your documents for a UK student visa (your passport, a recent photo and fingerprints (taken at a visa application centre), your unconditional placement offer, proof of financial stability (e.g. bank statements), and evidence of English language skills)
  4. Pay the application fee
  5. Book a date for your visa interview

How Long Does It Take To Get A UK Student Visa

The UK student visa processing time is about three weeks

Usually, you can expect a decision on your application within 21 days as the UK student visa India processing time takes up to three weeks, however, it may get delayed in case of the COVID pandemic. Ensure you provide all the necessary documentation with your application to help prevent any delays.

Once your UK visa application for students is approved, you’ll be ready to start the next exciting chapter of your academic life and that’s where we step in!

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Here’s a round-up of all the things that you need to take care of before applying for your UK student visa.
  • Get admission confirmation from the university

That’s how it will begin, right.

  • CAS

Your university will send you a CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies) form that you will need at the time of your visa application.

  • Immigration health surcharge payment

Next, you will need to pay for health coverage as an immigrant for the first year.

  • Visa application

You are now all set to go through with the process of UK visa application for the students.

  • Documents required

You will need to bring the following documents at the time of the visa interview.

  • Tuberculosis screening certificate
  • Financial proof
  • Receipt of immigration health surcharge payments
  • Certificates and transcripts mentioned in the CAS
  • English language proficiency test mentioned in the CAS
  • Current passport
  • Two passport-size photographs
  • Original birth certificate
  • Translation for non-English document
  • Biometric residence permit

As part of your application, you must also obtain a biometric residence permit (BRP) from the UKVI.

UK Student Visa Rejection Reasons

Does a UK student visa get rejected? The UK consulate at times may reject an application for a Tier 4 visa for a few reasons

  • Finances– If you fail to provide sufficient funds to support your studies, both fees and living expenses
  • Documents– Make sure you do not miss presenting the original documents or do it in the wrong manner.
  • Interview– You should be able to express your study and career plans well and be genuine in the interview.

UK Student Visa Interview Questions

A rare occurrence, but why not be prepared for some common questions that can be asked during the UK student visa interview in India.

  • Why did you choose to study in the UK?
  • Why this university?
  • Why this particular course?
  • How about your finances?
  • Do you have any friends or relatives in the UK?
  • After you finish your course, do you plan on working in the UK?

Now that we’ve come to the end of this guide, hopefully, you are ready to apply for the student visa and ace the interview.

Once you’re all set, we are right here to help you relocate to the UK.

Stay tuned for our following guide on UK student visas that will answer all your questions related to

  • Can I work more than 20 hours on a student visa in the UK
  • Can students get a PR in the UK
  • Can I settle in the UK after study
  • Can I work in the UK with a student visa
  • How can I get UK citizenship

We wish you all the best in your current and future plans 🙂



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