List of Indian Student Accommodations in London

As the largest city and capital of England, London is a favourite destination for Indian students. The British capital offers a vibrant academic culture, amazing city life, and a diverse and thriving community. Because of this reason, student accommodation London is in great demand!

London also boasts some of the best universities in the UK and across the globe. The city is home to prestigious universities such as Imperial College London, University of London, and London Metropolitan University, among others.

The best thing about staying in London is the city’s easy access to everything a student could ever need. The city is well connected to the rest of the country through its own metro rail system and bus network.

Choosing the right student accommodation London will help you adjust quickly and enjoy your experience at the city’s renowned universities. You can also opt for on-campus or off-campus accommodation depending on your budget and the facilities.

If you’re looking for a comfortable and convenient stay, then check out our list of Indian student accommodations in London that has all the necessary amenities you’ll need. You’ll find a range of private halls, dorms, and apartments that will meet all your needs and are within your budget.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best student accommodation London available to Indian, so scroll down for more information and to start your search!

What Are The Types of Student Accommodations In London?

There are many different options for student accommodation London, from university halls to private housing. Here are some of the most common options for student accommodation.

On-Campus Student Accommodation

On-campus student accommodation is a type of dormitory or hostel which is administered by the university. It can be either private or shared, depending on the requirements of the university. If you want to pay for on-campus accommodation, try Remigos money transfer from India to UK. We offer safe and quick service at affordable rates.

  • University Halls

University halls of residence are a popular choice for many students, as they’re often located within walking distance of the university.

They are often a preferred choice for first-year students as they allow you to make friends with your classmates and help you learn about the city. It is the cheapest accommodation in UK for international students.

Off-Campus Student Accommodation

The main advantage of living off-campus is that you can enjoy your privacy. Off-campus rooms are bigger, and if you share them with other students, you can save a lot of money.

  • Private Student Halls

Private halls are a great option for students looking to live in purpose-built, stylish and comfortable accommodations close to campus. They offer a range of room types and are typically owned by private companies that work in partnership with universities. If you’re looking for somewhere with a bit more privacy, private student accommodation London is a popular option.

  • Homestays

Homestays are a popular choice with international students who want to live as part of a family whilst studying in London and are often a good way to improve your English language skills. They also give you the opportunity to learn more about British culture and are a great way to make new friends.

  • Private Flats

Private Flats are one of the most popular types of student accommodation London. These offer a cosy home in a great location. In these properties, you’ll find shared rooms with other occupants, as well as kitchens and bathrooms. Alternatively, you can also opt for a fully self-contained studio flat that’s all yours.

Pros and Cons of UK Accommodation for International Students

There are many different types of accommodation in UK for Indian students, so it’s important to choose the right one for your needs. The most common options are on-campus and off-campus accommodation. Here, we are going to highlight the pros and cons of the two common types of student accommodation to help you make the right choice.

On-Campus Accommodation


  • Rent is cheaper
  • Opportunity to meet new people
  • Encourage more socializations
  • No need to pay extra bills
  • Ability to study together with other students


  • Lack of privacy
  • Average living style
  • Congested living space
  • More distraction
  • Wait time to use the bathroom and kitchen

Off-Campus Accommodation


  • Provides complete privacy
  • Encourages independent living
  • Access to homely food
  • Helps you to learn adulating responsibility
  • Choose a home that suits your lifestyle


  • Rent is expensive
  • Difficult to find
  • Need to pay other bills
  • You may feel homesick
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Factors to Consider When Looking for Student Accommodation London

Your first few years at university will be an exciting time but also one of the most difficult. This is because you will be living away from home and meeting new people. Choosing the right accommodation in UK for students is therefore important because it will affect your studies, social life and stress levels.

A good accommodation will be in a safe place and have a supportive staff team on hand to help you. This will also make you feel secure and comfortable, giving you the best possible chance of a great student life. If you need a UK sim card to find the best accommodation, contact Remigos. We can help you obtain a SIM card even before you land in the UK for your studies.

Here are some factors you need to consider when looking for student accommodation London.

  • Good Location
  • Price Affordability
  • Deposit Security Amount
  • Facilities Offered to Students
  • Safety and Security
  • Proximity to University and Other Key Areas

Cost of Student Accommodation London

If you’re going to study in London, it’s important to know how much student accommodation costs. This will help you budget your money effectively. Here is an estimate of London student living cost based on the type of accommodation.

  • Accommodation in University Halls
Standard Room135 – 210 GBP per week (INR 13,424 – 20,883)
En-suite Room130 – 260 GBP per week (INR 12,927 – 25,855)
Studio Apartment140 – 340 GBP per week (INR 13,922 – 33,810)
  • Accommodation in Private Student Housing
Standard Room160 – 250 GBP per week (INR 15,911 – 24,860)
En-suite Room160 – 280 GBP per week (INR 15,911 – 27,844)
Studio Apartment280 – 500 GBP per week (INR 27,844 – 49,721)
  • Private Rental Flats
Room in a Shared House150 GBP per week (INR 14,916)
Small Studio Apartment120 – 1000 GBP per week (INR 11,933 – 99,443)
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List of 6 Best Indian Student Accommodation London

If you are an Indian student in London, it is important to choose the right accommodation. Here is the list of the best student accommodation London for Indian students.

  • YMCA Indian Student Hostel

The YMCA Indian Student Hostel London has been providing home-style comforts to students of all nationalities since 1920. It is a one-of-a-kind establishment that also serves as a cultural centre. It is a smallish hostel that oozes charm thanks to its quaint facade and location. Moreover, it is tucked away in Fitzroy Square and is just a short walk from Warren Street tube station and the bustle of Soho. Students can enjoy Indian meals at this hostel. The average cost of student accommodation London at the YMCA Indian Student Hostel can be anywhere around GBP 250 to 1000 per week, depending on the type of room.

  • Chapter King’s Cross

Located in the cultural heart of Zone 1 with far-reaching views across London, Chapter King’s Cross is the perfect place to live and study. With unrivalled transport links to London, the rest of Europe and the country, you’ll be able to take full advantage of this vibrant and lively location. The apartments are well-appointed and have a range of modern amenities, including an en suite bathroom, study desk and private or shared kitchen with first-class appliances. Moreover, the average cost of accommodation starts at GBP 260 per week. In order to manage the bills and rent payments, you can also open a UK bank account with Remigos. Moreover, you can enjoy a bank account with zero monthly fees, a free debit card and free wire transfers.

  • The Stay Club Camden

Located in one of London’s most desirable and prestigious areas, The Stay Club Camden is a luxury student accommodation London. The property features 267 self-contained studios for students, some with dual and triple occupancy. Rooms are equipped with a study area, kitchenette, and wet room. They also come with free high-speed WIFI, linen and towels at no extra cost. There are plenty of amenities at The Stay Club Camden, including an on-site gym, cafe, shared working spaces and a courtyard terrace. Prices for rooms start at GBP 287 per week.

  • Scape Shoreditch

Scape Shoreditch is located in one of London’s most creative and lively neighbourhoods. It is within walking distance from all the city’s best street food and quirky shops. Moreover, it is within just 20 minutes from Central London, making it the perfect choice for students who want to enjoy their university experience in style. Scape is home to a wide variety of Studio apartments which are well-designed and comfortable. Prices for rooms start at GBP 313 per week.

  • Prince Consort Village

The Prince Consort Village is located in West London and is built and designed for students looking for a creative space to call home. It is ideally situated close to the Royal College of Music and is easily accessible by public transport. There are also a variety of options for you to choose from including cluster rooms, studio apartments and en-suite rooms. You can also opt for an acoustically treated suite. Moreover, prices for rooms start at GBP 183 per week.

  • Victoria Hall King’s Cross

Victoria Hall in London is the premier choice for students who want to live a luxurious lifestyle at the heart of the capital. It has a range of studios and en-suite apartments for you to choose from. It is a great choice for both Indian and UK-based students. The 198 rooms and studios are spacious, light and elegant. They offer a large desk, double bed and stylish en-suite bathroom. Prices for rooms start at GBP 350 per week. If you need insurance while studying in London, use Remigos. We can also help you find the best insurance in UK to save your overall cost of living.

Other Best Options for Indian Student Accommodation London

Here are the other options to consider when looking for student accommodation London.

  • Portchester House
  • iQ Student Accommodation Magenta House
  • Davies Court Canary Wharf
  • Goodenough College
  • Chapter Old Street


What Are Some Cheap Student Accommodations in London?

If you are looking for cheap student accommodation London, you will find plenty of options. Some of these are close to the university campus, while others are a little farther away from it. Here are some of the best cheap student accommodation London.

  • Helen Graham House
  • London’s Bowden Court
  • Station Court Unite
  • London’s Arbury Court
  • One Penrhyn Road, London’s Claredale House
  • McMillan Student Village
  • London’s Kensal Green Garrow House
  • London’s Wood Green Hall

What Are The Best Students Accommodation in Nottingham?

If you are planning to study in Nottingham, you will want to find the best student accommodation that is close to your university. Some of the best student accommodations in Nottingham are Vita Student Station Street, Nova by Prima Vidae, Yugo Goldsmith Court, Russell View Student Accommodation, Clarendon Street by Prima Vidae, etc.

What Are The Best Glasgow Student Accommodations?

Having the best student accommodation in Glasgow is essential to ensure you make the most of your time studying here. Some of the best student accommodations in Glasgow are Buchanan View, Blackfriars Glasgow, Vita student Glasgow, Thurso Street, Foundry Courtyard, Nido St James, Prestige Student Living Havannah House, etc.


If you’re planning to study in London, it’s a good idea to find a suitable housing option before you leave India. This can save you a lot of time and money when you get to London. Finding the right place to stay when you’re studying in London can be a challenge. There are several factors to consider, such as location, price and safety. There are many different types of student accommodation London, including university halls of residence and private flats. In this guide, we have shortlisted the best Indian student accommodations in London. Moreover, you can check the location, compare the prices and facilities and choose the best one according to your requirement.


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