How to Get Extra Baggage Allowance for Students When Flying Abroad for Studies?

Moving abroad for studies is a thrilling experience. But the “packing” part is not so fun. You not only have to pack things but also make sure the weight, size and number of bags are according to the airline’s baggage rules. There are different airlines who offer different types of baggage allowances for students and this makes things easier.

Just because you are travelling overseas for studies doesn’t mean you can carry as much luggage as you want. There are limits set by different airlines when it comes to baggage allowance.

If your luggage exceeds the limit, you have to pay additional charges at the airport. And let me warn you; these charges are not minimal. In fact, they can add up to your overall ticket price and can make your study abroad trip more expensive.

However, international students can take advantage of extra baggage allowance to save money. There are many airlines that offer special privileges like extra student baggage allowance. Some airlines also offer discounts on tickets.

So students travelling abroad should be aware of their options for extra baggage allowances. This is an essential factor for air travel. When you book your ticket, make sure you check the different deals and discounts offered by various airlines.

Continue reading to know more about extra baggage allowance for students flying abroad for studies.

What Is Baggage Allowance?

The baggage allowance is the amount of free luggage that you can bring on the airplane. This is usually determined by the airline and your ticket class. Different airlines have different rules regarding the size and weight of your bags.

In addition to the weight limit, the size of your checked baggage is also limited. You need to make sure the dimensions of your bags are under the limit set by the airline. There are also limitations on the number of bags you can carry. You must follow all these rules to avoid paying any extra charges.

So, before you book your ticket, you need to check the baggage allowance for students. This way, you can choose the best deal to get maximum luggage on your international trip.

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baggage allowance for students

What Is Extra Baggage Allowance For Students?

International students travel around the world and often need to bring things from home. In order to make life easier for these travellers, some airlines provide extra benefits.

These include extra baggage allowance for students and discounts on tickets. However, these benefits vary from airline to airline. It is advisable to compare airline offers when booking a ticket.

Several airlines offer special deals for student travellers. Some of them include British Airways, Vistara, Air India, Singapore Airlines, and others. If you are travelling abroad for studies, you can book your tickets with any of these airlines.

Several Middle Eastern airlines, such as Qatar Airways, Emirates, and Etihad Airways, offer similar discounts. Each airline has its own set of rules and regulations regarding extra baggage for students. So, make sure you check the offers and deals when booking tickets.

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How to Get Extra Baggage Allowance for Students When Flying Abroad for Studies?

If you are flying abroad for studies and want to carry extra baggage for free, check out the student baggage allowance offered by various airlines. You can also check various deals and discounts for students. Here is the list of the 7 best international airlines that offer extra baggage allowance for students.

  • Air India

Students who are travelling with Air India can enjoy an extra baggage allowance. It is one of the best ways to carry extra luggage for free when travelling for studies. However, in order to get baggage allowance for students, you need to fulfil the eligibility criteria. Firstly, students must have a valid student visa. Secondly, they must be enrolled in a bona fide educational institution.

The normal baggage allowance is two pieces of 23kgs each for Economy Class and two pieces of 32kgs each for Executive Class. The dimensions should be 158 cm (length + breadth + height) for each piece. You can also carry hand luggage of 8kgs in Economy Class and 12kgs in Business and First Class.

Here are some details about Air India student baggage allowance.

Students can carry on an extra suitcase, up to 20kgs. However, this allowance is not available on all routes. So, you need to check the offer before booking your tickets. You can check out the different offers and policies on their website.

  • Emirates

Emirates is one of the best international airlines that offers baggage allowance for students. They have special fares and extra discounts for students. However, in order to avail of the offer, you need to present your valid student ID or letter of acceptance.

The regular baggage allowance is two pieces of 23kgs each and 32kgs each, depending on the class of travel. The cabin baggage allowance is 7kgs and 10kgs, depending on the class of travel.

Here are some details about Emirates student baggage allowance.

You can enjoy an extra baggage allowance of 10kgs when travelling to various international destinations like UK, US, Canada, etc. However, make sure you check whether this offer covers your destination before booking tickets. Apart from this, you can also enjoy 10% discounts on Economy and Business Class tickets. All you need to do is use code STUDENT when booking a ticket. This offer is valid only until 31 March 2023.

  • Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways offer a special Student Club for international students. You can join these clubs to avail exclusive deals and discounts on ticket fares and extra baggage allowance for students. You can join the Student Club by going to the Qatar Airways website. You will need to provide proof of your enrolment, such as a copy of your student ID. Once you become a member, you will get various discounts.

The normal baggage allowance at Qatar Airways is two pieces of 23kgs each for all classes when travelling to or from Africa or the Americas. To other destinations, the luggage allowance is 25kgs, 30kgs and 35kgs, depending on the class. Hand baggage allowance is 7kgs for all classes.

Here are some details about Qatar Airways baggage allowance for students.

If you are flying on Qatar Airways, you are entitled to an extra student baggage allowance. You can have up to 10kgs of luggage. You will also get 10% off on your first booking, 15% off on your second booking and 20% off on your third booking.

  • Etihad Airways

Etihad baggage allowance for students is one of the many perks offered by Etihad Airways. This is a way for students to save money and travel with more luggage. In order to take advantage of the offer, students should purchase their ticket through a specific page for students, and must provide a valid university identification.

Here are some details about Etihad baggage allowance for students.

If you are an international student, you can carry luggage up to 40kgs when travelling in Economy Class and 50kgs when travelling in Business Class. However, this offer is only applicable to students travelling to or from Africa and the Americas, except for Canada. Students can also get a discount of 10% on Economy tickets, and up to 5% on Business class tickets.

  • British Airways

British Airways is one of the top international airlines that offers extra student baggage allowance. However, there is no fixed student baggage allowance on British Airways. This depends on the ticket type, fare and route. To get an idea of British Airways student baggage allowance, go to the BA website. You can find a tool that will show you the allowance you are entitled to.

The normal hand baggage allowance at British Airways is up to 23kgs and the checked baggage allowance is 23kgs to 32kgs depending on the route and ticket type. If you want to carry extra luggage, you can take advantage of an Executive Club membership available at British Airways. This way, you can carry 1 additional baggage of up to 32kgs.

  • Vistara

Vistara offers a special baggage allowance for students. In order to avail of the benefits, students must be enrolled in a recognized school or university. As well, they must carry a valid ID card. Vistara’s Student Baggage Allowance is available on both domestic and international routes.

Here are some details about Vistara student baggage allowance.

International students can enjoy a 10% discount on tickets and an additional baggage allowance. If you are travelling to London/Frankfurt/Paris, you can carry two pieces of 23kgs each as well as an additional allowance of one piece of 23kgs baggage. It means you can carry three pieces of baggage, each weighing 23 kg.

  • Singapore Airlines

Having baggage allowance for students on your Singapore Airlines flight can be a great way to save money. There are three main ways to get a student baggage allowance. One is to purchase an additional bag at the airport. Another is to get student privileges, and the last one is to sign up for a KrisFlyer membership.

Here are some details of Singapore airlines student baggage allowance.

With a Student Privileges membership, you can carry baggage up to 50kgs. With a KrisFlyer membership, you can carry more baggage. If you travel to US or Canada, you can take 3 pieces of 23kgs each baggage in Economy Class. For other destinations, you can carry up to 40kgs luggage. In Business Class, you can carry 3 pieces of 32kgs each when travelling to US and Canada and 50kgs for other destinations.

baggage allowance for students

Easy Ways to Avoid Paying Excess Baggage Charges at the Airport

If you are about to fly for international studies, you probably don’t want to worry about paying excess baggage charges. There are plenty of tips you can follow to avoid being stung by a hefty bill. Here are five of the best ways to avoid additional baggage charges.

  • Wear an extra layer of clothes
  • Avoid packing unnecessary items
  • Use a backpack instead of a suitcase carry on
  • Put heavy stuff in your pocket
  • Take advantage of student extra baggage allowance
  • Check your baggage weight using a luggage scale


What Is the Maximum Luggage Allowed In International Flights for Students?

The baggage allowance for students can vary from one airline to another. In general, most airlines offer a minimum of 23 kg of luggage. However, you must check with the airline before booking. You may be able to bring more baggage with a student baggage allowance.

Which Airline Offers Best Student Baggage Allowance From India to UK?

If you’re travelling from India to the United Kingdom for education, you should find out which airline offers the best baggage allowance for students. This can be especially useful for students who may have a number of items to carry. Air India offers the best student baggage allowance from India to UK, i.e. 1 extra piece of baggage weighing up to 20 to 23kgs.

What Documents Do You Need to Get Baggage Allowance For Students?

If you are an international student, you can get a free baggage allowance on flight travel. However, in order to claim student baggage allowance international flights, you need to provide certain documents like your student ID card, valid student visa or university acceptance letter.

How to Check the Weight Allowed On International Flights for Students?

The weight allowed on an international flight for students differs from airline to airline. However, you can check the details about student baggage allowance on the airline’s website. You can also consult with the airline’s customer service department and ask them.


You should be aware of the baggage allowance for students before you book your ticket. Many airlines offer special packages for students, where you will get an extra baggage allowance. The extra luggage that you bring with you is not only convenient, but it can save you money. However, the baggage allowances are subject to change from time to time. So, make sure you check the baggage allowance before booking your ticket. You can compare the ticket prices and free baggage allowance to get the best offers for international students.



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