How is UK Student Life for Indian Students?

It’s no surprise that many overseas students aspire to study and live in the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom is home to some of the world’s most prestigious universities, which provide high-quality education in a variety of disciplines. The United Kingdom is an intriguing amalgamation of modern thoughts and many different cultures, held together by a rich heritage and a strong sense of identity. It also has incredible places, exquisite cuisine, and friendly locals.

As an international student, you will have a plethora of exciting options ahead of you, including the opportunity to travel to exotic places and meet new people. Because of the globalized nature and customs, Indian student life in UK may feel familiar to you, and you will settle in faster than you expect. However, these factors alone do not adequately portray student life in London and other UK cities. There’s more to it than that!

In this article, we will look at the numerous elements that influence UK student life.

UK Student Life: Education

The United Kingdom is ranked second among international study destinations and seventh among all study destinations in Europe. These places were awarded after receiving comments from 7,000 students who studied in the United Kingdom. Charles Darwin, Michael Faraday, Sir Isaac Newton, Sir Winston Churchill, Sir Alexandar Fleming, and many other prominent scholars have studied at UK universities. Student life in London or other cities in the United Kingdom varies significantly from university to university.

The United Kingdom is a bulwark of higher education. The QS World University Rankings 2022 include many UK universities. Its academic brilliance is defined by world-class academicians and learning facilities that try to bring out the best in pupils.

Furthermore, universities in the United Kingdom and the British government also sponsor a variety of scholarships for Indian students, either individually or collectively. Scholarships on the list include the British Council Women in STEM scholarships, the Charles Wallace India Trust scholarships, the GREAT scholarships, the Chevening Scholarships, and others.

Life in London for Indian students can be an exhilarating experience as the United Kingdom is one of the best destinations to study, offering students an unparalleled educational and living experience. Students who choose the United Kingdom as their education or study location can select from a variety of study programmes available in the country. As the UK has flexible and different study opportunities, the two or three-year study term of student life in London and other important UK cities can be enjoyed once they have been adjusted to the nation.

Additionally, Students can greatly expand their talents, skills, and knowledge by studying in UK universities and being educated by the top minds in the world. This way, UK student life is enhanced by learning and educating from the greatest academics in the country.

UK Student Life: Living Costs

When discussing Indian student life in UK, it is necessary to include living expenses. Indian students are believed to need at least £1,000 a month to cover their basic living expenditures. The cost of living differs from the cost of education. Also, the cost of living may vary based on the city you live in, the type of accommodation, and amount of travel required, etc. For instance, student living in London cost would differ from a more economically affordable city such as Birmingham or Sheffield.

Let us now look at the living costs for students in UK for Indian students, which include lodging, travel, food, and other expenses.

FactorsAverage Cost Per Month
Food & Groceries£100- £200
Transportation£30- £40
Household Bills£40- £50
Entertainment & Leisure£50-60
Miscellaneous£250- £300

By now you’re probably aware of life in London for Indian students and other cities in the United Kingdom. Before booking the airplane tickets and student visa, the costs of living and schooling in the UK should also be assessed. The living costs for students in UK are also affected by one’s spending habits.

uk student life

UK student life: Other Influencing Factors

You can now envision your student life in the United Kingdom. Indian student life in UK will be full of adventures, challenges, new learnings, and experiences. The following are some of the prevalent factors that influence UK student life.

Culture And UK Student Life

British culture has always been a melting pot owing to it being significantly influenced by the unique and distinct cultures and traditions of England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. Due to a strong multicultural heritage, It is highly unlikely that one will be faced with issues such as racism, bigotry, or favoritism in any region of the UK.

The United Kingdom is world renowned for its royalty, luxury, celebrities, and well-known personalities. Several festivals and cultural activities are held in the big UK cities throughout the year, where both Indian international students have a magnificent time. As Indians, UK student life is connected with exhilarating adventures. You will fall in love with British culture.

Indian student life in UK is also influenced by the presence of a significant Indian community which serves as a cultural bridge between the two countries. As a result, authentic and delectable Indian cuisines and food are widely available in the UK, particularly in larger cities. Not only that, but the UK’s all-encompassing character and cultural connection with India mean that in your student life in London and UK’s other major cities, you will get to observe many major Indian festivals with zeal. And if you miss home and your loved ones, you can get the perfect phone plan for your data needs by using Remigos’ UK sim card service. We provide several plans including unlimited talk and text with super fast 5G or 4G LTE coverage.

University Campus And UK Student Life

Indian student life in UK is also significantly impacted by their campus life. You’ll like connecting with the other students as an Indian student, especially during festivals and carnivals.

Most UK universities host sporting activities and student gatherings to help students get to know one another. In UK universities, teachers and faculty members are courteous and helpful. If you want to fully experience university life in the UK, book your campus accommodation in shared apartments.

Housing Options And UK Student Life

Before moving to the UK, any overseas student should arrange for housing. When looking for the right place, there are numerous factors to consider. The cost of student accommodation significantly influences the overall living costs for students in UK.

Accommodation costs naturally vary based on whether a student decides to live on or off campus, the type of housing, neighboring amenities, and the city. For a student living in London cost can be higher as it is a cosmopolitan city and a major financial center in the world.

Many colleges in the United Kingdom offer on-campus housing to students, which can be both convenient and cost-effective. Indian students can also find off-campus housing choices such as privately rented apartments and houses. These can offer greater flexibility and independence, but they require more effort to locate and secure and are also more expensive, thereby influencing the living costs for students in UK. Many universities have off-campus housing services or websites that might assist you in finding suitable accommodations.

Part-Time Work And UK Student Life

Living costs for students in UK can be on the higher side and thus most students work part-time as a practical solution to make ends meet. Fortunately, students can often find part-time jobs and student discounts to help fund their basic needs. However, only full-time degree students are eligible for employment; individuals applying for further education colleges on a short-term visa are not permitted to work while studying.

International students who are over the age of 16 years are permitted to work up to 20 hours per week during their study term in the UK. During vacation, students might work longer hours. Aside from that, if you are enrolled in a recognized foundation program, you may work as a postgraduate doctor or dentist as a trainee. There are several part-time jobs available in major UK cities such as London, for Indian or international students who want to earn money while studying to cover the student living in London cost. If you want to save money while studying in the UK, use the Remigos money transfer facility to pay your tuition and living expenses. We provide the finest exchange rates to help you save money on your transfer.

Healthcare Access And UK Student Life

Life in London for Indian students, or anywhere can become difficult if their health is not taken care of. Fortunately, international students studying in the UK have access to medical care. While studying in the UK, international students have the option of using the National Health Service (NHS). They do not, however, have the same right to free healthcare as their British-born or European Economic Area (EEA) counterparts.

When applying for a student visa in the UK, international students must pay £470 per month for one year of health insurance coverage. This is known as an Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS), and it must be paid in addition to the visa fee when applying for a Student visa to live in the nation and use NHS Health Insurance. If the study course is shorter than six months, students must spend £ 235 to obtain health coverage in the UK.

uk student life

Frequently Asked Questions About UK student life

What are some common problems faced by students while studying in London or other UK cities?

Life in London for Indian students or other UK cities can be full of excitement, enriching experiences, and a path to self-discovery. However, moving to another country can be a daunting experience and students may find a few things difficult initially. Feeling homesick, language, cultural shock, finance, and integration issues are among the challenges that Indian students confront in the UK. However, in comparison to the world-class education and employment prospects available in the UK, these disadvantages are minor.

Can a student work in the UK after completing their studies?

Yes, after their Tier 4 general student visa expires after completing their study, international/Indian students can apply for a student work visa.

Is it expensive to live in the UK as a student?

The majority of international and Indian students are concerned about the costs of their studies in the United Kingdom. However, with careful planning, the living costs for students in UK can be kept to a minimum. Overall, living and studying in London is expensive. For an Indian, student living in London cost more than in the rest of the country. However, with proper planning, and cautious management of finances, things work out fine.


For Indian students, studying in the UK is a tremendous opportunity. It is a country where you can live a great life while acquiring a good education. The United Kingdom is a popular choice for thousands of Indian students wishing to study abroad because it is home to some of the world’s most prestigious universities, including Oxford and Cambridge. Aside from its outstanding academic standards, the UK attracts international students for a variety of other reasons. UK Student Life, for both, international and Indian students may be fairly joyful and gratifying. Indian students will find a diverse and welcoming atmosphere, with students and professors from a variety of backgrounds. This can provide a rich and engaging learning experience, as well as the opportunity to learn from people from other backgrounds and cultures.



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