Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarship 2023: Eligibility, Requirements, Courses

The Charles Wallace India Trust (CWIT) was established to provide or grant scholarship amounts to students or beneficiaries who wish to pursue post-matric classes such as MA and Post-Doctoral studies with the assistance of scholarship funds. The Charles Wallace India Trust scholarships are only available to Indian students. Around four scholarships are covered by subsidiary scholarship initiatives.

This article will provide you with all of the information you need about the Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships 2023, such as eligibility requirements, benefits, and essential documents. In addition, we will keep you up to speed on the step-by-step application procedure for applying online for this scholarship.

Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships

The Charles Wallace India Trust has introduced the CWIT, which covers four various types of scholarships as subsidiary scholarship initiatives so that students can enroll online based on their category. Charles Wallace India Trust scholarships will be awarded to students enrolled in both long-term and short-term classes.

Students who want to pursue a Ph.D. degree, or perform Short Research, long-term research, and Professional Visits, from a UK university can apply online for the Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships 2023 and receive a grant in GBP money currency. Two scholarships are completely funded and will reimburse the student for the entire tuition cost.

Features of Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships

The following are the characteristics of the Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships 2023:

  • The CWIT has established the Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships.

  • Indian students will be eligible for this scholarship.

  • As a subsidiary scholarship program, there are approximately four types of scholarships covered.

  • The learner must be between the ages of 25 and 45.

  • Long Term Grants and Visiting Fellowships will be based on the scholarship amounts that have been completely funded.

  • Charles Wallace India Trust scholarships will pay the majority of your expenses or allowances.

  • Eligible Grants for Short Research and Professional Visits recipients will receive a GBP 1400 grant.

  • Following the interview exam, a roster of final beneficiaries will be created.

  • Students must apply online before the Charles Wallace India Trust scholarships 2023 deadline expires for online form submission in order to be registered on time.

  • More information is available on the main website.

Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships Details

Name Of The Scholarship

Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships

Launched By

Charles Wallace India Trust

Delegated Country

United Kingdom


To provide grants to Indian students in the field of Arts & Heritage for carrying out studies in UK

Beneficiary Category

Students pursuing doctoral studies

Age Limit

25 to 45 Years

Scholarships Offered

Grants for Doctoral Study

Grants for Professional Visits & Short Research

Long Term Grants

Visiting Fellowships

Eligible Fields


Heritage Conservation

Amount of benefit

Variable Amount

Covered Allowances

Tuition & Fees

Living Expense


Air Fare/Travel Expenses

Mode of application


Email ID

Official website

Types Of Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships

All recipients of the prestigious Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships 2023 program will be eligible for the following grants:

Doctoral Scholarships

  • A few grants are available to Indian students who are nearing the end of their doctorates at UK institutions.

  • Their coursework must include the arts, humanities, and heritage protection.

  • To fill funding gaps, the grant gives GBP 500-600.

  • These small grants (£600) are designed to assist fill a funding gap. To be eligible for a CWIT grant, you must demonstrate proof of funding/income from other sources. Fortunately, you can make use of Remigos’ bank account for receiving funds from India, for paying bills, making purchases, or paying rent or fees while in the UK.

Short-Term Research and Professional Visits Grants

  • Approximately 10-15 scholars receive GBP 1400 grants to cover the expenses of short study or professional visits.

  • It is intended for those engaged in history, literature, archaeology, art history, philosophy, and the performing and creative arts.

  • The grants do not cover foreign airfare and must be paid in full upon arrival in the UK.

  • These funds are typically good for up to three weeks. Those who intend to remain in the UK for an extended period of time must supplement the CWIT grant with funds from other sources, such as the Indian Council for Historical Research. Remigos international wire transfer can be a quick way to receive funds when you are in the UK. Remigos uses secure channels which can help protect against fraud and unauthorized access to funds.

Grants for the Long Term

  • Annually, up to ten long-term grants are awarded to mid-career practitioners who want to study or receive more exposure.

  • This grant allows them to acquire expertise in their chosen fields through postgraduate study at a UK university (one-year course).

  • These Charles Wallace India Trust scholarships are for artists of all fields and typically last between 2-3 months and a year. Two-year classes are not supported by CWIT grants.

  • The awards cover accommodation and living expenses in the United Kingdom, as well as fees and a contribution to foreign airfare. For your stay in the UK, Remigos UK sim card services will consider your consumption, data, coverage, budget, and flexibility to help you choose the best plan for you so that you can stay connected with your family and loved ones back home.

Visiting Fellowships

  • CWIT offers ten scholarships to skilled translators, writers, and academicians (historians and social sciences) who want to spend 2-3 months at a specific host university in the United Kingdom.

  • CWIT scholars will concentrate on their projects during the fellowship. They will also have plenty of opportunities to interact with their peers and participate in campus life.

  • Fellows must contribute to the requirements of the host institution by presenting their research or delivering a seminar.

  • Furthermore, CWIT is now supporting two artists’ residencies (visual arts) at Gasworks and the Delfina Foundation.

Note: Travel fees within India, UK visa costs, and the cost of getting a valid IELTS certificate are not covered by the Charles Wallace India Trust scholarships award. Successful candidates must additionally arrange for adequate insurance coverage for travel and medical situations.

Alternatively, you can opt for Remigos’ student insurance service. It provides comprehensive coverage for medical expenses, loss of personal belongings, etc at affordable premiums, especially for international students.

Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships Eligibility

Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships Eligibility: Common Guidelines

To apply for the scheme, applicants must meet the following common eligibility requirements:-

  • Applicants must be studying in disciplines covered under CWIT.

  • Applicants must be domiciled in India and must be Indian citizens.

  • Applicants must have not received a CWIT award in the previous five years.

  • The scholarship applicant should have proficiency in the English language.

  • The applicant must have 4+ years of work experience, preferably.

Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships Eligibility: Grant-Specific Guidelines

Candidates must meet the following special eligibility criteria in addition to the general criteria given above:-


Age Bracket

Other Requirement (s)

Grants for Doctoral Studies

25-38 years

Must return to India upon completion of the doctoral course

Short Research & Professional Visiting

25-45 years

Proficiency in English; Completion of studies or 4+ years of experience; Proposal of Project

Long Term Grants

25-38 years

Diploma/Degree in a specialized course; preferably having Work experience

Visiting Fellowships

25-45 years

Completion of studies or 4+ years of work experience & Proposal of Project

Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships: Requirements

Candidates’ applications should include all of the following information in addition to the application form:-

  • CV which includes postal & email addresses, and photographs)

  • Identity Passport PDF

  • GRE Reports such as IELTS or TOEFL

  • Indian Emergency Contacts

  • Statement of purpose

  • How much time the candidate wants to devote to research

  • Two referees’ names and addresses (LOR)

Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships: Courses

The following programs of study will be deemed eligible for the scholarship funds:

FieldCourse of StudiesArtsVisual Arts Curating Performing Arts (e.g. Dance, Drama, Music, Directing) Photography Film Studies, including Scripting, Writing, and Direction Art History Design (Architecture not included)Heritage ConservationConservation architecture Management of collections museums Management of heritage sites or projects Conservation of heritage materials such as stone, metal, & timber (including artifacts, metal, and armor) in addition to, paintings, photographs, and films. Conservation of landscape Engineering pertaining to conservation of heritage structures

Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships: Selection Procedure

The selection procedure will be carried out by the selection body, to which the job of carrying out the selection method will be delegated. Students’ applications will be scrutinized and validated by members of the selection board first. Students who have been shortlisted by the selection committee will be invited to an interview exam in New Delhi in February, after which the committee will make its final choice. The results of the interviews will be released in early April.

Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships 2023: Application Process

For applying for the scholarship, you can simply follow the steps outlined below:-

  • You must send your application directly to CWIT London.

  • Applicants should submit their applications via email to

  • If you are looking for long-term grants, you can easily apply for the scholarship through your nearest British Council.

  • If you want to apply for the fellowship, you must do so through your college or university.

Please note that the Charles Wallace India Trust scholarships 2023 deadline has passed and is now closed for Research grants and scholarships till autumn 2023. For fellowships, however, you can contact the UK host organizations directly. For further details, you can log onto the CWIT website.


Charles Wallace India Trust scholarships allow Indians in their early to mid-career phases to spend time in the UK, assisting them in achieving artistic, intellectual, and professional goals and broadening their international networks. The scholarships are available to artists and heritage workers aged 28 to 38, and allow them to build competence in their chosen disciplines through postgraduate study (one-year course) at a UK university. If you are early to mid-career academic, you can learn more about the collaboration of CWIT with UK universities and the availability of varied fellowship options for Indian students.



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